This Twitter Thread Will Completely Change Your Mind About Disney Villains

There’s no secret that Twitter threads have the ability to control daily conversations and repeatedly make their way onto our feeds. But there’s one making its rounds and it’s creating quite a stir among users.

One Twitter user bravely asked the internet to discuss who they thought was a more evil Disney villain than Scar from The Lion King, you know, because he murdered Mufasa. Not to mention he killed his flesh and blood to become king, convinced his nephew he was responsible for his father’s death, tried to have Simba be eaten by a pack of hyena’s and destroyed a kingdom.

The tweet went viral and surprisingly users got very detailed about their reasoning, which actually makes you think a lot about just how crappy these villains are. And just when you think you’re convinced, you see more valid points that will change your mind on who the worst is.

The Colonizers in Pocahontas

I’m glad this movie got a lot of hype over the historically accurate racial divide and that people are sticking up for inclusivity.

Cinderella’s Evil Stepmother

Poor Cinderella was treated like a damn slave which is child abuse, and she also emotionally damaged her with her insults and neglect. Was CPS a thing back then? Because she’s the reason why that organization exists.

Lady Gothel from Tangled

She literally kidnapped a baby, held her in captivity, used her for her magic, almost committed murder to get her back (and luckily was unsuccessful) and was overall manipulative and psycho.

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent is on a whole level of petty.

The Huns from Mulan

This was actually an underrated response, but the mini thread it created was hilarious and I now see a new side of this movie I haven’t before.

Ezma from The Emperor’s New Groove

The entire argument surrounding Ezma was far too long to post, but it did provide a good laugh. Poor Kronk for dealing with such a nasty woman.

Gaston from Beauty and The Beast

Not to mention he was self centered, uneducated, sexist, crude and a bully, he did in fact fight a mythical creature in the rain before dramatically falling to his death. That’s pretty villain-esque if you ask me.

Hans from Frozen

If you ask me Hans is just a historical f-boy who only used poor Anna’s good heart and soul for his own gain and played with her emotions until he got what he wanted. What a dick.

Ursula from The Little Mermaid

She also turned Ariel against her dad, tricked her into signing a falsely described legal document, stole her voice, morphed into a human to steal her man, put Prince Eric under a spell, got King Triton to turn over his crown, took power of all the seas and started a battle. When you put it that way, she really is messed up.

Frollo from Hunchback of Notre Dame

All I have to say is, people are passionate about this choice.

So who would I say is the worst villain? My answer is easy.

I wholeheartedly agree that Frollo is by far the worst villain. While the movie in itself is very dark for a Disney film, this character in itself is enough to visually scare the hell out of you, but once you become an adult you truly realize all the ways he’s messed up. He almost successfully created a genocide for Pete’s sake and used religion to do it! What a sick and twisted man!

Every person in this thread has made valid points for each villain and it was entertaining to read and discuss with your friends, family and complete strangers. However, I am shocked Cruella De Ville, Sid from Toy Story (even though it’s a Pixar film) and the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland all got snubbed.

All in all, this thread was golden to read and I’m thankful for whoever created it, because this provided a good half an hour of entertainment and reflection.

Featured Image via Twitter


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