Read This If You’re Struggling To Love Again

It’s crazy, isn’t it?

The person you thought you could be with forever, Left you.

They left you so gently, the pain wrapped you up like a warm blanket.

They left you so quietly, you only heard their silent cries.

The world ended when they left like angels suddenly decided to abandon you at the dark swamp.

However you still hold on to them gently,


You breathe with them, sleep with them, eat with them, you even repeat the conversation you used to have with them again and again.

When you opened your eyes,

It was just floating air and empty space.

It’s okay to pretend that they still live in your life, in the matter of fact they do.

They are part of you now.

Whoever you are today,

Is bits and pieces from the past and present.

They left,

Yet they did not empty your heart.

Instead, they filled you up with love in return. They gave you such amazing impact,

They inspired you to be greater than yourself.

You loved them,

And you still do.

You could never get over them because you thought you will never meet someone like them anymore.

Trust me when I say this,

Someone will walk into your life again,

Someone will love you as much as they did.

It’s okay if you need more time to move on because you simply have nowhere to go.

Because deep down we need a person in our heart to hang onto, to feel less shitty when you had a shitty day.

They might not keep a place in your heart as your lover, but they are certainly not a stranger.

Their existence calmed your chaos,

keeping the warm fire burning inside you,


It’s okay to keep them in your heart.

But it’s important to not to let them affect you emotionally.

Remember who runs the heart?


You respect yourself,

And you respect them, by not interrupting each other’s life.

Both of you might cross paths again,

When the time is right,

When the stars aligned,

When both of you are ready for another adventure.

But meanwhile, keep your eyes and your heart open.

You never know who is the right one until they choose to stay.

If this person ever came into your life, send them blessings

and love. Even if the love did not return.

A person who is full of self-love does not need the reassurance of love.

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Pexels



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