These Two Sisters DIY Halloween Costumes Are The Absolute Cutest

When you go to Disneyland it’s not very uncommon to see people of all ages dressed up in different outfits that are Disney related. However, sometimes you get blown away by some outfits/costumes because you know they weren’t purchased at a store or gift shop.

Miss O and Little V are becoming famous on Instagram and at DisneyLand for their legendary DIY costumes made by their mom Veronica. Even though these sisters are only little princesses themselves, I can’t help but envy their iconic outfits because they are accurate, unique and extremely creative.

Prepare yourselves to be amazed, because you’ve never seen anything like these in your life.

Woody & Slink

The creativity on the Slink costume is what really makes the duo!

Flik and Princess Dot

I feel like the love of Bug’s Life has been dying for years but these adorable costumes have brought it back. From the headbands to the textured fabric to indicate the shell of the ants in the movies, these outfits are unreal and I want one for myself.

Heimlich and Gypsy

Not only do these sisters rock ant costumes, they kill supporting characters from the 1999 film, Heimlich, the lovable caterpillar and Gypsy the magical butterfly.

The Pixar Ball and Pixar Light

Everybody knows these two items from literally every Pixar movie ever made, because they always make an appearance. Their mom actually made these costumes! I love the lamp! Big sister Miss O even kills the pose.

Ursula and Maleficent

These spooky costumes score a 10/10 on the fear factor and creative boards. I wonder how they made the evil spears and Ursula’s full legs.

Captain Hook and Mr. Smee

While Mr. Smee may be a little easier to create, Captain Hook’s costume must have been extremely difficult to make.

Kevin and Russell

While we were too busy still crying from the opening scene from “Up!”, these girls got their costume ideas to become Kevin, the bird who is actually a girl and boy scout Russell. The attention to detail is just jaw dropping!

Cruella and The Queen of Hearts

How did they emulate the Queens dress pattern that perfectly!? I’d really love to know because that must’ve taken a long time to make!

Cinderella’s Evil Stepsisters

Anastasia and Drizella are definitely not as good looking as these two sisters, but in terms of their fashion sense, they are identical!

Mike and Sully Dresses

While their mom did have actual costumes for the Monsters from Monstropolis, she also made these adorable dresses too!

Edna Mode

Little V has the everything from the look to the pose down pat. Never look back darling, it distracts from the now.

Donald and Daisy Duck

Their mom went through such detail to even create the perfect, feathered bottom for each costume and matched the characters signature looks flawlessly.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

And of course, how  could you create every other Disney characters costumes and not the two most special characters in the entire park!?

If these creative DIY outfits don’t scream Halloween goals I don’t know what will. How their mom doesn’t have her own company making these for adults beats me,. Because I know a lot of people who would buy some of these. Sure, you can try mimic these styles, but you’ll never be able to re-create these accurate and unique designs.

Featured Image via sistertimeadventures


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