The Hilarious Twitter Debate Over Blink-182’s Name

Over the past few months the public has been shocked while learning how celebrities actually say their names; like Chrissy Teigen being pronounced “Tay-Gan” and Ariana Grande being pronounced “Gran-Dee”.

While we’ve ignored the fact that we’ve now been corrected for their names but still call them by their “stage names”, a new name debate is being brought up and this time it’s about the pronunciation between different countries.

It all started when Ian Karmel, a writer for Late Late Night with James Corden, tweeted how people in the UK pronounce the band “Blink 182’s” name.

Well this caused a frenzy on Twitter that has everyone debating how exactly you should be saying the name or how you’ve always referred to them by.

James Corden, a proud Brit living in America, defended his country’s pronunciation with a hilarious tweet.

While admitting they pronounce the band’s name differently because of their accents and ways of speaking, he also defended American’s and playfully created a new way we could pronounce the number.

Frontman and founder, Mark Hoppus, who has played bass and taken the lead on vocals since day one of the band addressed the debate in one hilarious tweet.

I mean, I think we all learned a lesson from Mark on this one… Who knew?

Even Tom DeLonge, former frontman and founder of the band, chimed in for himself to clarify.

In typical Tom fashion, his take was sarcastic and witty. Even though he still openly talks about the band since his turbulent departure, he at least still has a good sense of humor about them too.

Now if only he can go back and join the band.

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Of course, in addition to the debate that has continuously been going on ever since this topic was brought up, people have had some hilarious responses in general that will definitely give you a laugh.

I don’t think Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus ever thought there would be this big of a debate over the name of their band, but I’m not complaining because I’m always happy whenever they get the chance to be relevant again.

And as for the writer who started this mess, I hope you finally get your interaction soon. And do a carpool karaoke with them because it would be hilarious. 

Make. It. Happen. Sir.

Featured image via Blink-182’s on Instagram


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