Why You Should Spend Time With Your Loved Ones This National Family Day

Family Day comes on September 26th this year; are you prepared?

What are you and your family going to do? Family Day is so underrated because most people don’t understand that we need to spend more time with our families. Some of us have gone on and started our own families, but what about the loved ones we don’t see every day?

Many of us have already moved out of the house and don’t see our parents daily.

We don’t see or talk to our grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins daily, either. Sure, maybe some of us actually do talk to our whole family every day, but it’s a rarity. It’s hard to see everyone every day. Some of us have even estranged ourselves from certain family members for various reasons.

How much time do we have with the people who we call our family?

Family are the people who we love and who love us unconditionally, so we must make the most of our time with them. In the grand scheme of things, many people reading this are younger, and, even if you would consider yourself older, how much time do you really have left with your loved ones? Anything could happen to anyone at any moment.

Take this one day, Family Day, and dedicate it to your loved ones.

Show them your love and affection. Give them your time, and let them know that you appreciate all the moments you have spent with them. Go out and do something fun! It could be something simple, like going to dinner or even just having a quick lunch together. Go to a movie, a park, just go somewhere.

Do something today to let your family know that you love them and that they’re important in your life. It’s one day out of the entire year. Some people go crazy over not talking to or seeing their family. I personally love time with my family; just being in their presence, watching a movie, watching TV, being around each other.

We all drive each other crazy at some point, but it’s fun to be around family. It’s great to feel loved, and family can do just that. If we like to feel loved, then our loved ones would enjoy it, too, wouldn’t they?

Let’s all take today to spend with our family and love one another.

Featured image via Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash


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