5 Simple Steps To Looking Like You Have Your Sh*t Together

It’s hard to maintain a positive mind, body, soul and living space when you are so damn busy and exhausted all the time. When we were teenagers we had all this energy to put ourselves together and pull off a great outfit while going to school, having friends, and doing other activities.

Young adulthood isn’t like that. We have new responsibilities that have taken over our lives, other people have taken our free time and dedication, and we seem to have less and less time for ourselves. It’s hard to seem put together when all you want to do is throw on any clothes you can and start your day.

But don’t worry, there are a few small hacks you can do to make yourself seem more put together.

1. Have a Routine

Routines are beautiful because they create a seamless flow throughout your day and provide you with some extra time. You can spend it on yourself or you could use that free time to get something you need to do done.

2. Make Plans

If you want to be ultra productive, schedule plans around your routine. That familiarity will feel so good to you and you’ll be more confident in making plans and doing things you don’t normally do because you will feel like you actually have the time.

3. Have Your Nails Done

It sounds odd but when your nails are done you somehow feel more put together and accomplished. They look clean, you automatically feel a bit better about yourself and it’ll give you some alone time when you need to do them.

4. Have a Signature Fashion Statement

By having a go-to accessory or style it makes getting dressed easy! In winter I like ponchos because you can dress them up or down and feel comfy, fall I rock scarves, spring I wear a jean jacket and summer I always have a bright pink lip. One thing you can incorporate into your look weekly will save you time and energy on deciding what to wear.

5. Have a Neat Home

I like to refer to my bedroom at times as an unorganized mess. It’s clean but I have clutter spots and those messes make me overwhelmed. By keeping a neat space you feel more organized and it’s naturally easier to get things done during the day.

Declutter your life in small ways that will help you become more productive. When you are struggling for time and to put effort into yourself it’s hard to give people the best version of you. These lifestyle changes will make a difference and you will notice a change almost immediately. Don’t think of yourself as a hot mess, just fake your elegance. Other people don’t need to know your struggling with balancing your chaotic life.

Photo by Ilya Yakover on Unsplash


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