4 Reasons Millennials Aren’t Really Using Condoms

The condom industry is hurting because the sales of condoms are decreasing. However, the cases of STDs are increasing. Wonder why? It’s us. Millennials are considered the new “Culture of Chill” when it comes sexual health. We are advocates of fluidity in sexuality although we are lacking in the sexual protection department. So why are millennials not using condoms today? Below I answer that question with multiple reasons that shouldn’t be downplayed.


Millennial men and women have described using condoms as less “intimate” and “uncomfortable” during sex. Some men feel condoms are “unnatural” while women don’t always want the artificial version of sexual pleasure. Even though most condoms contain a lubricant, they are described as snug and dry. Millennials don’t want the fake lovemaking, they want the skin-to-skin contact and are willing to take the risk.


Today, millennials are getting into committed relationships with new partners more often. There’s a trend. Once in a committed relationship, the gloves are literally off. Millennials are trusting their new partner to be responsible when it comes to sex.  

Therefore, the lack of communication about a new partners sexual history is irrelevant and considered not a problem for millennials. Taking that moment to say “Wait, do you have a condom?” can shut off a whole mood. Millennials would rather not waste time getting to the nitty gritty instead of asking that daring question, especially while in a committed relationship.


During the 1980s, HIV and AIDS epidemic was an all-time high. Sexually active people were aware of the scare and knew what measures needed to be taken to prevent it; condom usage. It’s been over twenty years since this STD outbreak, in other words, time heals all. Even though they’re aware of this historical event, Millennials are not afraid of getting STDs.  

Millennials see celebrities like Magic Johnson and Charlie Sheen who are living with HIV and are still alive. Therefore, they aren’t seeing the struggles or statistics of the continuous growing epidemic. Social media isn’t telling this information in the DMs or videos either.

Aside from this, millennials look at the most common STDs to be curable. They have no problem going to health clinics for check-ups and getting antibiotics or pills to recover from the common STDs. But there’s something millennials should keep in mind when it comes to the curable, the more recurring the STD, the less resilient for the treatment. Whether you opt to make use of an at home STD test or make an appointment with your local physician, it’s important to know your status in order to prevent any serious complications should you be diagnosed with an STD.

Today, there are nearly 2.3 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis diagnosed and rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are at an all-time high in the U.S.


Even though millennials are in relationships, they are not having sex. Millennials are more concerned about building a career and lifestyle than a family. Which leads to another reason why condoms are not of use to this generation.

Self-pleasure. Self-pleasure was not a trend during the past generations; it was one of the forbidden conversations. Now, Millennials are making strides in promoting self-pleasure for everyone to lower the risks of STDs; self-pleasure is safe and doesn’t require condoms.  

Millennials are conscious consumers. We believe in getting the best out of everything we buy and use. As conscious as we are, we need to start protecting ourselves better. Even though it is a preference or decision in a relationship, using condoms lessens risks and the statistics are telling us in exchange for a moment of pleasure we are risking our health and not making self-conscious decisions for ourselves or sexual partners.

Featured image via Dainis Graveris on Unsplash, Sexual Alpha


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