Turn To Your Grandparents For The Only Relationship Advice You Will Ever Need

If there is one thing we all receive at some point during our single years, it’s relationship advice. In fact, it seems like whenever we are single, everyone in a relationship wants to offer some well-intentioned advice thinking that they hold the key to the Pandora’s box of relationships. The truth is, no one has all the answers. And then there are our grandparents. They share our achievements and help us pick up the pieces when we are going through a difficult time. Whether near or far, they are just a phone call away from cheering us up when life has us down. For most of us, our grandparents are the epitome of a long-lasting, healthy relationship. These people have basically been married for pretty much their entire lives and can offer some tangible advice that we can actually use. So why not visit them in this homecare agency and ask them anything! Here are just a few key nuggets of wisdom that we can all gain from listening to our grandparents every once in awhile.

Put The Gadgets Away And Actually Have A Legitimate Conversation

Anyone and everyone will tell you that communication is key in any healthy relationship. Making time to really talk to your partner is the only way you can establish deep connections and create a good bond. Instead of texting each other, pick up the phone and give your significant other a phone call. These days, a phone call can be just as intimate as having sex since it’s such a rare occurrence.

You Are Never Too Old Or Too Tired For Sex

Part of having and maintaining a healthy relationship is keeping things healthy between the sheets. In fact, just because you have been with your significant other for a long time doesn’t mean your intimate lives need to suffer. We all know the statistics of nursing homes being riddled with STD’s. Age should never matter when it comes to the physical part of a healthy romantic relationship.

Knowing When To Ignore A Partner’s Annoying Habits

No one is perfect. We all have flaws. But we also fall in love with people because of their seeming shortcomings. In fact, after you’ve been with someone for a significant amount of time you will totally notice the little things that can end up annoying you. Maybe your guy snores in bed or your girl leaves her underwear all over the floor instead of putting them in the hamper like a civilized human. Whatever the case may be, some arguments are simply not worth it because the love you share for one another is a lot stronger than finding another pink thong on the ground.

The Person You Love Should Be Your Home

Finding someone who makes you feel safe is essential to having a healthy romantic relationship. Love is a marathon, not a sprint. In fact, a real, genuine relationship is built from a sincere desire to share a life with someone. As a result, where you live should never matter. If your partner got a job offer in a new city, you may find yourself worrying about leaving your childhood and all your successes behind. But in a real relationship, there is no questioning. Because home is simply where your soulmate is, even if it means moving to the middle of nowhere and starting fresh with him/her.

Communication Is Essential

Being a good partner means that you are a good listener. In fact, with any healthy relationship, assumptions are suspended and real conversations are a common occurrence. Instead of assuming that your partner made those dinner reservations, call him to double-check. It will allow you to actually enjoy your night instead of harboring anger or starting an argument over miscommunication.

In the end, everyone will want to dole out relationship advice. It’s up to us to choose who we listen too wisely. Therefore, let’s all decide to call our grandparents and listen to their valuable advice when it comes to sustaining a healthy relationship.

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