Why It’s Always Worth To Look For The Silver Lining In Your Life

Okay, so how many of you are the type of person that always tries to look for the silver lining in our lives? (Raises hand) But unless you have been living under a rock the entire time, you know that sometimes life can make it really hard to find the silver lining in things.

For me, I have a personal theory when it comes to always seeing the silver lining in life. I have always seen silver linings as more of a personal symbol that can vary throughout life.

For instance, if you see a double rainbow in the sky, to enjoying a freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on a rainy night. It’s all about perspective. Will the silver lining always be noticeable? No. And honestly, we may not always be in the mood to concentrate on the positive during a particularly difficult time in our lives, and that’s more than okay.

We’re all human and I think the most important lessons we can learn and keep in mind is that it is more than okay not to be okay. And that I suppose can be a silver lining in itself too.

Silver-linings can be anything we want. In essence, they are reminders that despite life occasionally being messy, confusing, and hard it does hold beauty in it too. The saying, “Life is what you make it.” Have never rung truer for anyone who has fully experienced the ups and downs of life. I also believe that silver-linings and perspective go hand-in-hand.

It’s all about mindset. Life happens to you whether or not you’re prepared for it. So why not look for silver-linings along the way to help you keep your faith and stay the course?  

The point is that life happens whether you want it to or not. You were put on this planet for a reason. And no matter what side of the bed you roll out of in the morning, why not look to silver-linings to encourage you throughout your life?

We all need that reminder of appreciation in our lives not just for others, but for ourselves as well. We all need that little push that says, “you know what? I’m okay. Things will work out. I am working hard, and that will all pay off eventually.”           

The real world is never portrayed as it is in TV, books, and or movies why? Because 99% of what that is–is a money machine. Life rarely turns out as you plan, and if it does then I call that an absolute blessing.

Turn your life into a silver-lining for someone else while you’re here on this great big earth of ours, and make an impact and legacy that not only lasts but can be repeated. Maybe if we did that we could all learn to appreciate life’s signs and silver-linings more.

Featured image via Jordan Heath on Life of Pix


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