To The Mother Who Raised The Man I Love

Life here is not easy, and maybe you have witnessed how his late-night prayers have lulled him to sleep. There were days when he needs your hug and your comforting words. He became alone for most of his life and he became used to it, too. You have made him strong, so courageous to fight on his own and defend himself to all the cruelness of the world. I believe that even you are not with him, you taught him to be a warrior.

It’s sad not to even meet your smiles, your warm greetings, your suppose-to-be mother instincts whenever we want to give up on this relationship. It hurts him to realize that you’re not there to wipe off his tears, to accompany him during those cold and dull midnights. But I want you to know that even if I do not get the chance to see your smiles, or to even lend your hand for respect, you will be proud of how your son taught me to look for the limitless kind of love that I never thought I would have.

I want to thank you for raising him up with all the kindness in his heart; for cultivating his mind and soul. You make him understand that love does not end when death comes at your feet, because true love starts even at the end- even in the darkest place of one’s being. I have seen him during those days where he misses you so much that he wants to cry. But amidst all of the heartaches, he keeps his head high up to conquer all these things without you. I am sure you will always be proud of him.

Thank you for bringing him up in this world and for letting me be a part of him. Thank you for giving him a wonderful smile and a selfless heart. It is because of you that he will continue reaching up his dreams. He is lucky to have you as his mom and so you are to him. Thank you for making him grow up like what a true man should have to be. Despite his flaws, he knows how to help everyone and to cherish all the people that we meet. I will forever be grateful because of you.

He may be struggling right now. He really misses you every single day of his life. He occasionally visits you whenever he feels alone and my comfort is not enough for him to feel secure. I know you are always him, taking care of him and loving him together with the guardian angels you have sent to guard him. I am sending my prayers for you there in heaven. Thank you for your life and for the life you have given.

Photo by Roberto Nickson (@g) on Unsplash


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