10 Tips To Ensure Your Next Date Doesn’t End Horribly

Let’s say you’ve been talking to someone new and he has finally asked you out on a date. You might be feeling uneasy about it. You might be stressed about what to wear, how to best prepare yourself and what to do on the date. Don’t worry, by following these 10 dating tips will help you make the best first impression.  

Pamper Yourself

A few days before a date I tend to get my nails done to ensure a presentable look. You can either go to the salon or do them yourself, if you want to save on some money. I like doing them one or two days before so that I’m not rushed the day of the date. I find that a well manicured hand just makes me feel more confident. It also makes me feel good to pamper myself and makes the impression that I have my life together (even if I actually don’t).

Keep the communication lines open

Ensure that you are continuously communicating with your date. Not every day or even every hour, but at least make some contact with them so it’s not weird when the date begins. I would make sure that the day before the date and the day of are good opportunities to establish some bond or some things to communicate about while on the date.

Location, Location

For the first date, pick a place for the date that is casual and won’t be more than a few hours commitment. Do whatever you feel is most comfortable for you, if you feel more comfortable to eat and have dinner than do that. If not, choose to go on a walk in a popular park in your area or grab a cup of coffee. Sometimes these are better because it feels less pressure than going to dinner. Nevertheless, do what feels most comfortable for you.

Preparation is Key

Get a good night’s sleep the night before the date and eat a good meal. Avoid anything that is too spicy or is going to cause indigestion. This will give you a little more confidence and put you in a comfortable state with yourself.

Your outfit

Pick out an outfit that is versatile and can work for multiple date ideas such as a casual drink or coffee date. Unless if you are going on a date that requires specific clothing, like swimming or snowboarding.  I find black skinny jeans are a great staple piece for any wardrobe and are a versatile piece for numerous dates. Then, you can simply add a  top of your choosing and add some shoes that are comfortable and easy to walk in. One does not need to look clumsy, slip or fall on the date (although I have done that and the date still went well).


If you are headed out for a drink, make sure you are sufficiently hydrated. You don’t want to get extremely drunk from not eating or drinking enough water. I tend to order drinks that I know will sit well with me, such as beer,cider or wine. Stay away from drinks you wouldn’t regularly order. I would also suggest to stay away from taking shots. You want to make sure you are clear headed throughout the evening.

Supportive Back Up

Have your girlfriends in close communication the day of just in case you need help. I often send my friends photos of my outfit of choice to get their input on what to wear or which shoes work best. Sometimes you need a second opinion.

On the Date

Remember, the person you’re meeting is probably just as nervous as you are.  Remember to be attentive to the other person and ask them questions about their life; they will more than likely respond well.

Simply ask them about where they have traveled to, their families, their favorite food dish and perhaps their favorite show.  These are great questions to ask to help you get to know the person and to help avoid any awkward silences.

Here are some other potential questions you could ask:

“Who are you closest to in your family?”
“Where has been your favorite place you have traveled to?”
“Tell me about your family”
“Tell me about your job”
“What is your favorite film?”
“What two television shows represent you as a person and why”

If you aren’t feeling the person, you can use any excuse to leave it at one drink or one cup of coffee. Please don’t feel pressured to like this person or go home with them. You are entitled to do what makes you comfortable.  Whether you would like to take the person home or never talk to the person again, that is your decision. Don’t ghost a person if they genuinely try and make an effort to see you again. Always be honest with the person you’re going out with.

What to bring with you

Make sure to have a credit card and identification with you when you go out.  You don’t know when you are going to randomly need cash.


Let your friends or family know the person you are meeting with, their photo, and their name. I tend to turn on my location settings for the date I’m on and always tell someone I am closest to where I am going and when I will return.  For example, when I first started dating, I would check in with my sister at a certain time. She would expect that text and if she didn’t receive it, she would give me a ring. Your safety is the most important thing above everything else.

Dating should be fun and adventurous. It’s all about meeting new people and gaining new experiences.. It also allows you to explore what you want in partner and gives you the freedom to figure out what you want in life. Sometimes it is uncomfortable putting yourself out there but trust me it is worth it. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to almost guarantee a good time on your next date.

Featured image Pablo Heimplatz from Unsplash. 


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