10 Things Every Woman Should Know How To Do On Her Own

As women, we have a certain selection of things we know and a certain selection of what other people can do for us. I will admit I have my lists of things I’m not too familiar with, although I am not sure why. Why I can’t do it all myself? I think it is because I’ve never had to learn but the more I grow up the more I come to realize I do need to know. I need to do things for myself and stop relying on others when I can make myself better and rely on myself for the things I need. These may be cliché but they do make a difference when you are in the real world.

1. Grocery Shopping
This may just be me but I always relied on my step mom to buy all the healthy food I want for the week. I never thought anything of it, until I moved out. Now I am buying my own groceries but I still ask the weird questions of which eggs are better or if whole wheat flour is okay for baking. It is kind of funny if you ask me. At least I’m learning.

2. Cooking/Cleaning
This ties in with grocery shopping but I now rely on myself to make my own meals too, and to clean up after myself. No more of this “it’ll be ready when I’m home,” no more “your plate is in the oven,” it is now a matter of getting home from work and make dinner. Adulting is fun am I right!

3. Vehicle Maintenance
This may be stereotypical but I know most of us girls do not know how to change a tire or even our own window wipers. Which is okay, but I recommend you all to learn because the expression on your mechanics face will be priceless when you are understanding and responding to his questions when you go for your regular oil change.

4. Negotiate
We need to be strong and independent so why not allow yourself the ability to receive what you deserve. Women need to be able to talk to their bosses and explain why they need the pay raise. Don’t let people walk over you, it gets you nowhere.

5. Take Yourself Out On A Date
It is 2017 and I only know a few women who will take themselves out to a movie or for dinnerall on their own. Why should you rely on a man who may or may not break your heart when you can go and do everything you would have done but have it all done your way.

6. Know When To Let Go
This is a very hard one. I understand it sometimes passes the eye but when you are getting tossed around and stood up I think that makes sense to move on.

7. Travel Comfortably By Yourself
This involves a lot of self-confidence and motivation. Without either of those traveling on your own is very hard and not as much fun. Try it. Take a road trip all by yourself and see what happens.

8. Use Tools
No that is not a large version of a tweezer… that would be called a plier. Learn the difference, it is very helpful, especially when you are plucking those eyebrows.

9. Do Your Own Nails, Hair, and Makeup
Stop spending all your money on that new hair due or that manicure… learn to do it yourself. You’ll save time and money so why not?

10. Motivate Yourself
Get that gym membership and go because you like the feeling of it. Work your ass off to achieve those goals. Remember it may suck now but it feels so good once it is all done and accomplished.

Girls… take control of your own life, stop making excuses for the things you can’t do just because you haven’t learned. Pick up a book and read up on it. Watch a YouTube tutorial. Ask for help but pay attention and Learn. Learn for next time and grow that amount of knowledge within that brilliant brain of yours.

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