When You Fall Apart, You Have To Rise Again

This is some free writing that was inspired by Demi Lovato’s overdose this week.

Many people struggle with an addiction in their lifetime, and I think Demi Lovato is a perfect example as to how we need to overcome our struggles. While no one is perfect, we should continue to fight our battles and make sure that we are conquering our “demons”. There will be relapses, but we have to remember to continue to keep fighting. It isn’t about how far we fall when we relapse, it is about how we pick ourselves up afterwards and continue to fight for what matters most.

Also, don’t fear asking for help when you feel like you need it.

Don’t continue to think that you’re alone. We all struggle at times and we all need to use each other to keep ourselves from falling into dark ways. There is no weakness in asking for help; there is only strength in order to face your fears and continue to fight the good fight. There is power in numbers, so let others help you in fighting.

As humans, we’re flawed.
We make mistakes, we lie.
We make promises we can’t keep.
We give in to temptation.
We fall to our knees.

Some of us pretend we’re fine,
Putting on a show for all those to watch.
We act as though we have it all together,
Making our lives looks so good from the view of a camera lens,
But on the inside, we’re eating ourselves alive.

Some of us have cracks,
That we like to tiptoe around.
Dancing on the edge and pretending as if we don’t notice the cliff.
Making it look like we like to play with fire,
As if we meant to get burned in the process

And then some of us,
Have to dive right into the valley,
Jumping into the ravine to see how deep it really is.
No matter how many times you tell us not to,
We need to see the bottom for ourselves.

We will break and we will shatter.
We will lose our way
And we will continue to battle with our demons,
But we will duct tape ourselves back together.
We shall recover

We all have an addiction.
We all need a fix.
We all have a need that is too good to turn down.
We all have that one thing that we can’t resist,
That we fall back to every single time we feel weak.

No matter how hard we try,
We will break our own stride.
Even when the going gets tough,
And we try to hide.
We will break our pride and lose ourselves once again.

We will disappoint those around us,
When we give in.
We will harm our own hearts,
Knowing we should have been stronger,
But more importantly,
We do ourselves no good,
Dwelling on how we could have been better in that moment of weakness.

But in the moments of fear,
We will find our strengths.
We will rebuild.
We will rise like a phoenix,
With it’s ashes from the grave.

Sometimes it takes the fall,
To see how far you’ve come.
To realize you aren’t that person you once was.
To see why you came undone and what you need to do to mend again.

In the moments of weakness,
Ask for help,
In the moments of fear,
Look forward and run.
In the moments of hate,
Find some way to love yourself enough to find more.

So from here, rise.
Look at yourself in the mirror.
You’re better than you once was.
No matter what that demon is screaming at you,
There is a reason you fell,
But there is also a reason that you’re still here.
So from here, rise from this dark moment.
From here, rise above it all.  

Featured image by Robb Leahy from Unsplash. 


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