Why There Is Still Hope In This World

Each day I wake up feeling like the world I live in, has become so cruel, so disheartening and sorrow filled. Each day I lose hope, as I see people dying from shootings, wars, and accidents. And the hardest thing about each day is putting a smile on my face and hoping… praying, that today will be different. That today I’ll be able to fall asleep knowing that tomorrow my world will be okay. What I can’t wrap my head around, is why such a beautiful world is suffering in such a way. Why can’t love, be as easy as hate? Why is that instead of expecting something good to happen, I am always expecting the worst. Truthfully I want to live in a world that someday I will want to raise children in. Children who know that love has no boundaries and that this world that they live in, is good. Despite everything that is happening in the world today, I still have hope. Because just as every sun sets to rise again, so must we. We must believe that despite everything there is still good. That each day can bring us goodness. All we have to do is just believe.

With a heavy sigh, I switch off the TV.

Because all I see is the never-ending reports of shootings,

the ongoing wars, and all the hate that has poisoned my world.

With a heavy heart, I feel a trickle of tears fall down my face.

And I wonder if all hope is lost?

Why is that everywhere in the world

blood, tears, and screams are seen in

places where smiles and happiness should be?


Does love have no place in our world,

that has been dominated by our fast past lives and selfish ways?

So why do the sounds of death prevail in a world

as beautiful and wonderful as ours?

Why must so much hate exists in a world,

Why are so many walls built,

Where there should be bridges?

We are all capable of love.

And no matter what, I will always believe,

That love burns not just in our hearts,

but everywhere within us,

so that we can carry it to every corner.

It’s that little voice that tells us to keep moving forward.

The thing that protects us when we are scared,

and comforts us in times of darkness.

Let us all fight every battle with love in our hearts

Because love is a verb. It is a mindset. A way of life.

Love is a choice.

There may be much darkness in our world today,

but the solution to this isn’t more bloodshed, more tears, or bodies.

The answer is in the ways of the heart.

So open your eyes, your mind, and your heart.

Reach out a hand to someone today,

Tell them they belong here, that they are loved.

Show them that in this darkness filled world,

There is still light.

Sorrow may fill our streets, but there is still hope.

There is still love and compassion out there.

Tragedy is a source of great strength.

No matter how difficult our paths may seem,

Or how painful the experience may be.

If we let go of hope, and love, and compassion.

Then there is no greater tragedy than that.

So hold on, because no matter how dark it gets,

The sun will rise again.

Featured image via Paul Kerby Genil on Pexels


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