When You Are A Hopeless Romantic In A Loveless Generation

I know it seems hopeless to find that needle in a haystack gem of a guy in a world full of cheaters, manipulators and man whores. But you will find him. You don’t need to exhaust yourself trying to find him, the best things in life come to those who wait, and your undying passion for love doesn’t go unrecognized.

You continuously put your heart out there only for people to stomp all over you and destroy you. There’s only so many bullets you can take, and you often feel like giving up. The mission that is finding love is tiring, hurtful and full of life lessons.

Don’t forget to find the positive in the bad situations. The boys of the past might destroy you in the moment, create trust issues or cause you to go through a depression. But think about the lessons they’ve taught you. They’ve taught you how to overcome those emotional set backs, teach you how to handle yourself, and will continuously teach you how to be skeptical of someone for the protection of your heart. Which will eventually lead to teaching you how to open up to someone when they deserve to.

You will be able to read anyone, and when you feel naive and stupid about falling for another act, it’s one more trait to look out for in guys. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The thing is you’re young, and I know it still stings when people say it because it makes you feel pathetic and you constantly see couples flaunting their relationships on Instagram, but It hurts. However, you should make the most of your freedom and take the time to be selfish because once you find your dream man, your freedom will be seldom.

There is no sense in lying awake in bed anymore, crying over boys and what they did to you, or why you’re still single when you have a lot to offer. People know you have a gift of loving people endlessly, and they admire that about you. Most people these days just aren’t ready for something as serious as you are, and it’s rare for people to find someone who is.

Besides, most people who are in long-term relationships are only in them because it’s a safety zone they’re afraid to escape. They love the comfort of having someone there, like anyone does, but are afraid to leave because they know what the cruel world of singlehood consists of. They rather settle for being treated poorly or for a repetitive relationship than experience the world of rejection and hurt.

Why would you put yourself through a crappy relationship or situationship? It’s better to save yourself the heartbreak and stay single for as long as possible. You can grow for yourself and build your reputation and bank account. Stability is sexy, and men love a woman who is driven, knows what she wants, and has spent the time preparing for her future. It shows she has goals and ambitions aside from being a couple.

And just because you might be financially ready for a future doesn’t mean emotionally you are, so get in tune with who you are and develop yourself into the person you want to be.

You will have your dream Pinterest wedding, you will have that Nicholas Sparks type of romance full of joy, tribulations, and moments of wonder, and you will find your prince (after you kiss a few frogs of course). Love takes time, and good guys are still out there. They’re too busy looking for a girl like you too.

Featured image via Cristian Newman on Unsplash


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