9 Simple Ways To Declutter Your Life Right Now

Hello April! Summer is slowly creeping in, but let’s not forget about the underestimated season of spring that has definitely arrived (watch, now that I’ve jinxed it, it will probably start snowing). Either way this also means it’s time to do some spring-cleaning. And, yes, this means vacuuming out your car, giving it a nice wash and taking all your unnecessary snow brushes and boots out of there. You should clean out your closet off all the items you wore to their last stitch, but after you do all this, you shouldn’t forget to clean out your life. Here are some important things to add to your spring-cleaning list (or to help you start one):

1. Clean up your relationships, first and foremost. This is extremely important. If someone isn’t bettering your life or making you happy, it’s time to let them go. This includes significant others. Some of us are just settling for mediocrity because we’re comfortable and it’s what we’re are used to. If your relationships do not make you feel good it’s time to move on. No ifs, ands or buts!

2. Empty your mind! Clear out your mind of all the negative thoughts that might be floating around up there. You are awesome and you have so much to offer. If you are really stressed out and overwhelmed, start with meditating for 10 minutes a day, or add  yoga or a walk into your daily routine if you have a little more time on your hands. Make time in your life to distress and free your mind of all the bad vibes. Imagine a light, hour-long yoga session in the morning to begin your day in total bliss.

3. Turn off your notifications. Seriously, you don’t need to constantly be staring at your phone seeing every time someone likes your Instagram picture. The need to get notified every time someone hits RT on Twitter also doesn’t need to be a priority for you because it will still be there when you open the app two seconds later to recheck it. Turn them off; it will help you focus better in life about things that actually matter. If you’re being particularly brave, try deleting your lesser used accounts.

4. Unsubscribe to Emails. You don’t need to still get emails from the store you haven’t stepped in since 2011. Next time you get their email for 20 percent off, make sure you scroll to the bottom and hit “Unsubscribe” before you let anymore flood your inbox. At the very least, create a new folder and send all the advertisements there.

5. Get your diet in check. Eating healthier will ultimately make you feel better (the world’s been telling you this for years). I don’t care what anyone says, eating fast food does not make you feel good afterward and it’ll make you feel even worse a few hours into the night. Start doing some meal prep and when you know you will be short on time, throw in a healthy snack in your bag so that you don’t have to sit in the drive-thru line anymore. Try new recipes and new varieties of your favorite food, you will feel better in no time! Spending a few hours creating healthy meals throughout the week will have you feeling nice and clean almost instantly.

6. Work out your body. This goes hand in hand with diet, but the more you move the better you will feel. Even if it is going for a walk, getting in the gym to throw some weights around (not literally). No one ever regretted a workout and I’ve never felt worse walking away from a workout than I did before I walked in. Sweating and moving your body work to help you forget about things troubling you and make you feel better as a person, which is essential in cleaning up your life. Most exercise studios offer a reduced first month fee, so take advantage of this and find a routine you can stick with.

7. Add in some green. You can add this to your diet, but you can also add it to your home. If you can’t have real plants in your house because you’re allergic or you just forget to water them, go buy a few fake plants or cacti! They won’t have you sneezing, but they will definitely help the atmosphere of your house and make your home feel more cozy and lively. Greenery always spruces up the place nicely.

8. Clean up your finances. No one enjoys this, unless you’re an account, but it is important! Look through your bank statements; did you really need to spend $200 at Starbucks last month? Well, this month I’d say it’s time to reevaluate and try to cut down. See where you can cut back and actually do it. You’ll be happier in the long run when you can actually afford to treat yo’ self to that dream vacation next summer. 

9. Finally, actually clean up your life in general. The piles of papers sitting around your room are not helping you sleep better at night. Go through things that have been consistently pushed off to the side and sort them out. Spend an entire day doing everything on your procrastination list. Throw away things you don’t need and realize possessions are weighing you down, like the old chair that you just keep throwing things on. Put it by the side of the road, not everything can be saved and kept forever. Especially your ex boyfriends old T-shirts, it’s time for those to go. Letting go of the past is essential for spring cleaning. 

Tackling all this before summer fully kicks in will help you feel like you got off to a fresh start. It might seem impossible to accomplish, but once you get going things will start freshening up before your eyes and lighten some weight off your shoulders!

Featured image via Stephanie Renee Cluff on Unsplash



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