A Guy’s Guide For Girls Who Use Dating Apps

I have done online dating for four years. With breaks, of course, for relationships Now I’m engaged to a wonderful woman I’ve found that way. So, I consider myself experienced enough to give advice on how to date online to rookies. And I appeal to every single man who reads this text: don’t believe anyone who says that online dating doesn’t work. It’s a lie. It could work for you if you learn these dating tips and tactics.  

Don’t expect instant results

I do believe that it’s possible to meet someone special on a dating site. But I don’t believe that it could happen on your first day, week or month of being a member. So, I’ll start with the most effective dating advice I could give you; be patient, don’t give up after the first failure. Unfortunately, love doesn’t happen at first click. You have to exchange messages and go on dates with many women before you find “the right” one. So, treat this like a fun game at the end of which you’ll get a prize.

Be specific

Be specific, when creating a profile on a dating site. Note that there are thousands of men who want to get a girlfriend there, so try to stand out of this crowd. Think about who you are and remember what makes you unusual. Try to avoid clichés. No adequate woman wants to read about how you like gazing at the stars or watching the sunset. Instead, you can say, “I’m a nerd who enjoys writing code and playing online games, but also likes extreme sports.” It will definitely set you apart from hundreds of guys who like “listening to music, reading books and watching movies.”

Don’t lie

People who have no idea how to do Internet dating usually exaggerate their career and personal achievements, as they think that it would make them better candidates in the eyes of a woman. But the fact is that it only makes things worse.

By only being honest about who you are, you can avoid disappointment when the truth finally comes to light. Never lie about your age, job or body type in your dating profile if you want to start a meaningful relationship.

Also, you should tell the truth when completing a welcome questionnaire on dating sites that have matching systems. Your lie may cost you a chance of meeting your dream woman. Read this RomaceTale review to learn more about such sites.

Choose good photos

Any advice on how to online date won’t help you to find a girlfriend on a dating site if you have a bad profile photo. So, don’t be like this guy:

Choose a recent photo  with good quality, in which other people can see not only your face, but also your body. But, please, don’t post your naked pictures on your dating site profile – they keep women away.

A perfect profile picture shows how you look in real life. So, it doesn’t have to be flattering and glam.

Also, it’s a bad idea to upload group pictures, especially with other women on them.

It’s okay to say no on online dating sites

Another advantage of online dating sites is that you shouldn’t date each lady you’ve met there. Never agree to go out with a woman you don’t like. At best, you’ll get a boring evening, and at worst, you’ll get terrible memories and a phobia of dates.

Four years ago, one of my friends explained to me how to meet people online and communicate with them. He also told me one Unwritten online dating rule: you shouldn’t even reply to a person that doesn’t attract you. This rule helped me to avoid many unpleasant situations, especially on premium dating platforms, where you can achieve like-minded people but have to pay for each interaction with them. 

Keep in mind that it’s better to not answer than  to be rude to someone on a dating site. Another win-win option is to offer  friendship to a woman who doesn’t attract you.

Respond quickly

At the end, I want to share with you one of the most important rules of dating-texting: if you are interested in a woman, answer her as soon as you can. Remember that you probably are not the only man who has got a message from her. A quick response allows you to get a step ahead of your rivals.

So, now you know how to date online and can enjoy this fun game. But I hope that my advice will help you not only to become a hit with women, but also to meet a special lady you will marry.  

By the way, if you want to get more information about the site that helped me to become the happiest man on Earth, check this review – RomanceTale.com: the dating site that changed my life in 2017.

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