10 Daily Struggles Only People Who Wear Glasses Will Understand

1. Choosing to wear your glasses for the day (mainly because your optician yells at you on a regular basis for wearing contact lenses for too many hours, too many days, and it’s not good for your eyes, etc. – #sorrynotsorry), and suddenly realizing how are you going to do your make-up, because oh wait… you can’t see!

2. Accidentally falling asleep with your contact lenses in (do not, I repeat, do NOT tell your optician), and waking up thinking that for a split second you are MAGICALLY CURED! Oh wait…

3. Not being able to stay out past 3am on a night out because who the heck decided to turn all the air conditioning and all the smoke machines on in the club. DRY. EYES.

4. Wishing every time it rains and you are wearing your glasses that someone will please invent something to stop this – cars have windscreen wipers, why can’t we?! Or opening a dishwasher or the oven and thinking how attractive you look with steamed up glasses. Ugh.

5. Not being able to ever make any spontaneous plans like the rest of your uber cool generation because, um, I don’t have any spare contact lenses, solution, or my glasses with me so I’M A LITTLE BIT DISORIENTATED. Alternative: carrying all of the above in your clutch bag… again, not cool.

6. Always opting for contact lenses on a first date because what if he goes in for a kiss and your glasses get in the way, OH and also, what if he doesn’t like glasses? But then what if you stay out late and your contacts dry out…ALL THE PROBLEMS.

7. Bet you didn’t even realize you can put daily contact lenses on inside out, did you? Well you can, and it hurts A LOT. Oh, and the only way to tell that they aren’t inside out is by holding this tiny, insignificant piece of material that we shove in our eyes every day up to the light and looking for some mysterious numbers to appear. Again, questionable behaviour.

8. On a rare day off from the contact lenses, everyone’s thinking you are trying to be super edgy and hipster by wearing glasses without a prescription, because that’s so super cool these days, and because hey, you don’t usually wear glasses. Well, actually, I’m practically blind and you just have literally, NO IDEA.

9. Having to learn the art of essentially poking yourself in the eye twice a day every day from an early age, when most people can’t fathom the thought of even touching their eyes, because EW. You get used to it, promise.

10. $60 a month, 60 DOLLARS A MONTH! Is sight not a life essential, like, shouldn’t that be under prescription? COME ON.

BUT, these little bits of plastic (or whatever), let us all see the world without having to wear glasses every day. So YAY to contact lenses and whoever invented them.

Featured image via The Style PA on Flickr


  1. This has little to do with wearing glasses, save the rain and steam comment. It is all about contacts! We don’t all wear contacts (some of our optometrists like us!).


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