“Sex Sent Me To The Hospital”: The Craziest Sex Injury Stories

We are already at our most vulnerable state when we are having sex with someone. When something goes wrong, it becomes even worse. Some sex stories have sent people to the hospital and are cringeworthy. You obviously feel bad for whatever they’re going through physically, but it only worsens when you add shame and embarrassment on top of it.

 They’ve even gone as far as making an entire show dedicated to these shameful stories.

First, here’s a personal account we found on Twitter: 

  • “I have the best sex sent me to the ER story. At some point after doing it, I went to the dr because things weren’t right. i had a growth. Months later I leaked all this fluid, ended up at the hospital for 3 days before they sent me home WITH the growth. He’s 17 months old now🤣”

It kills me that she referred to her growth as “he”!

Now onto a collection of stories from the show “Sex Sent Me To The E.R.” 

Try not to cringe too much. 

Start simple when exploring sexually. That sounds like the worst place for one to get splinters.

  • A couple got electrocuted while having sex on a mechanical bull.

Whole new meaning to Ride Em, Cowboy.

  • A couple was having fun in a meat freezer when the man slipped and got his head impaled with a meat hook. 

It is hard to resist all of the puns that come to mind here.

  • A couple got a C-Coli infection after having sex in the mud.

A whole new meaning to “rolling around with one another.”

  • A cock ring lodged itself in a woman’s vagina after using it the wrong way.

I guess there could be a thing such as too many good vibrations.

  • A gentleman was losing his virginity and ended up pushing the lady’s head through a wall.

Easy there, tiger.

Another collection of stories had these gems:

  • A couple sneaks out shortly after having a baby for some alone intimate time. A cow grazes by their car, startles them, and the woman ends up straining muscles in her lady bits.

For a minute, I guess their sex life is out to pasture…

  • An “in-tune hippy” goes into the wilderness to become more in-touch with his inner sexual desires when what he describes as a “legless lizard” makes his way through his urethra and into his bladder.

No matter how deep of a meditation, you can’t tell me he didn’t feel that!

  • A couple attempted shower sex, they slipped and fell, the woman sustained an injury causing her to bleed from her vagina, and at the sight of blood, the man passed out.

Talk about a domino effect!

All jokes aside, sex is an intimate act and should be pleasurable for all involved parties. In the event that an injury occurs or something goes awry, you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible. 

Though embarrassing, a long lasting injury or infection could be worse. Do you have any embarrassing sex stories of your own or one that a friend has shared? Let us know below!

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash


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