Stop The Clinginess: How To Save The Relationship And Yourself Before It’s Too Late

Many of us have moments where we become so into our relationships that we momentarily lose sight of who we are and wind up becoming clingy and needy. Sometimes we can force ourselves to snap out of it and regain control. Then, there are some people that have no idea that the way they are behaving could be viewed as an irritation. It’s time to step back and take a look at how our behaviors could be negatively affecting our relationships.

Learning To Loosen Your Grip

When it comes to social media, you may be tempted to like or comment on every single thing they post, but try to refrain from doing this every time. If they post several times a day, it could be seem as overeager to your guy/girl. They will most likely appreciate it best when you leave valuable comments on the more important posts they make.

While texting, try not to become worried if they don’t text you back right away. Even though many people are always on their phones, there are moments where they can’t be, like when they are at work or driving. They will text you back when they can so there’s no need to keep sending them texts asking why they aren’t responding.

Give each other some space and room to breath. Having lives that are separate from each other can be beneficial since a little bit of absence can make the heart grow fonder. You can still spend plenty of time together but try to make room to miss each other as well. That way, the time you do spend together will be that much better.

Learn to be by yourself sometimes. Part of being an adult in a relationship is understanding that there will be times you can’t be with each other when you want to be, but being alone doesn’t have to mean loneliness. Try to learn to enjoy your own company. When your partner sees that you can have a good time by yourself, they will want to join you.

Be confident in yourself and don’t let the green eyed monster take over when they are around someone attractive of the opposite sex. Remember that there’s a reason why your guy or girl is seeing you and not that other person. Getting jealous or suspicious for no reason is not appealing and can only hinder a relationship. It’s always impressive to someone to know that you could be the cool boyfriend or girlfriend that is confident and unphased by other women or men.

Remember The Relationship Essentials

Trust: A healthy relationship depends greatly on trust. Those with clingy behavior tend to lack this necessary quality in some way which causes them to feel the need to do things like text too much and spend every waking moment together. It’s important to understand that they care for you and are there for you, and unless they have shown specific signs that they cannot be trusted, know that you have nothing to worry about.

Self Love: A certain level of self love is also important because in order for someone who love who you are, you have to love who you are, and a good self esteem is part of what makes someone attractive. You can build a healthy self esteem by understanding what makes you the awesome person you are. Think about your skills, talents, and what makes you unique.

Independence: You should be able to feel as though you can function and be a happy person whether you are single or in a relationship. If you feel like you need to have a boyfriend or girlfriend to be happy, you might want to work on finding a comfort zone in being single and exploring who you are first. A person who knows how to be independent is another attractive quality.

Communication: Think quality, not quantity. If your conversations and time spent together are filled with value, you will feel less likely to keep it constant throughout the day. Stay away from useless chatter and have conversations filled with love, thought, and laughter.


It might take some time to learn to comfortably un-cling yourself from your significant other, and that is okay. Your efforts will likely be obvious to him/her and it will continue to improve your relationship because they will see that you are someone that respects them as well as yourself. Your healthy level of confidence and self-esteem will make them only more attracted to you and they will find themselves wanting you more, and that’s the key to keeping a great relationship going.

Featured image via Octavio Fossatti on Unsplash


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