5 Amazing Side Hustles For Stay-At-Home Moms


As a mom, you know all about taking care of business and getting things done. But how do you take that go-getter attitude and apply it towards making a little extra cash? The answer: the side hustle. If you’re interested, check out these side hustle ideas for stay-at-home moms and discover something that may spark your interest!

Initially, millennials used to turn hobbies into extra cash in addition to working a full-time job. The side hustle has also enticed many people to turn their passions into careers or launch businesses. Working a little on the side is a great way to make extra money, yes, but it can also allow you to experiment with your hobbies, gauge interest in a particular market, and potentially grow into a million-dollar business.

1. Selling Clothing

There are so many people who started sourcing clothing and selling them out of their own homes. Whether you find cute clothes for cheap at a thrift shop or you buy wholesale, once you establish a brand and a vibe, you can find your niche. 

Many people love the idea of personalization, so they buy tons of hats, shirts, and accessories to monogram and resell! All you need is a sewing machine and a little bit of practice to sell customized clothing online in your own store or on Etsy. You might also consider hunting down vintage pieces at second-hand stores, refurbishing them, and selling them! Many times, you can find extremely valuable pieces for cheap that just need a little TLC before resale.

2. Sell Hand-Me-Downs

In the same vein as selling clothing, you might consider selling other hand-me-downs from your little one. Babies and toddlers outgrow clothing so quickly that you barely have time to dress them in a cute outfit once or twice before it’s time to get the next size up! Instead of donating these pieces or saving them for a niece or nephew, you can get some of your money back by selling these hand-me-downs online. From Facebook Marketplace to LetGo, there are so many places where you can sell barely used baby clothes, cribs, strollers, and more!

3. Getting Into Beauty

You don’t have to go to aesthetician school to get into the beauty and salon industry these days! Many places offer online courses that teach you everything you need to know about a niche topic. One of the easiest places to start is with lash treatments. Becoming a lash technician means completing simple training for multiple different types of services. From semi-permanent lash application to brow and lash dyeing, you can completely control your schedule and pricing.

Lash technicians also require minimal tools and accessories when compared to other beauty specialists. You can work out of your home far more easily than someone who offers waxing or facials! You can also work out a deal with your local salon to rent a space for lash extensions and other services in a more professional environment. If you’re running your own business, your rates are up to you. Lash techs can make more than $40 an hour!

4. Virtual Assistant

Most stay-at-home moms want to actually stay at home to be near their children, so a virtual job is a great option if possible with your expertise. Many offices need a virtual assistant or two to keep their digital databases up-to-date and perform all sorts of other jobs that don’t require them to come into an office. All you need is a phone and a computer to get things done. You might be asked to do research, data entry, or transcribe meetings, so it’s best to be prepared for anything!

Some virtual assistant jobs are part-time, others are full-time, and others are contract-based for several months or less. Hunt around to find a VA position that meets your needs from a salary perspective as well as your schedule! Virtual assistants can make between $12 and $25 an hour, depending on experience.

5. Tutoring

With COVID-19 making social interaction a lot more difficult over the past few years, many people have turned to the internet for everything from schooling to tutoring. If you’re familiar with basic math, English, and science, finding a position as a virtual tutor could be the right fit for you. You’ll get some interaction with other people, make a little money, and make a difference in a child’s life. Most tutoring jobs range between $16 and $25 per hour.

You don’t need to turn a hobby into a side hustle. But if you have the energy and willingness, it’s a great way to make some extra bucks. Try one of these side hustle ideas to see if it works for you!

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels


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