3 Podcasts You Absolutely Need In Your Life

Admittedly, I’m kind of late to the podcast game, as I only jumped on the bandwagon a couple of years ago, but it only took half an episode of “Serial” for me to be fully engulfed in everything true crime-podcast-related. Immediately upon bingeing the 12 episodes, I searched high and low for related podcasts to indulge in that would fill the gaping hole in my heart that the ending of “Serial” left.

Fast forward to today, and I consider myself a podcast junkie. They are constantly coming out, and I know I haven’t even hit the surface of listening to them all. Therefore, I felt like I had to broaden my horizons and steer away from true crime for a little bit (if only for my own sanity). What resulted from taking the tiniest break from true crime was me finding 2 of my new, absolute favorite podcasts, but who am I kidding; I’ve also included one true crime podcast in this list because I couldn’t stay away that long. Without further ado, here are relatively new podcasts that have my heart in 2018.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Normally, the thought of listening to an hour or two of celebrities talking back and forth each week would have me cringing, but there is something so endearing about this one that always has me coming back for more. I’ve seen and rooted for him as Crosby Braverman on Parenthood, so naturally, I was intrigued by the thought of Dax Shepard hosting his own podcast. Now, I love listening to him have interesting and random conversations with his wife, fellow Parenthood co-stars and others. I doubt you’ll regret tuning in each week for new banter between Dax and his friends.


While this isn’t an entirely new podcast, it’s new to me. If you’re a TV show and music enthusiast like me, this one’s right for you. I fall in love with a lot of TV shows primarily for their music. To be honest, my dream was to become a music supervisor after college. I guess that dream got tucked away somewhere, because that’s definitely not even close to what I’m doing with my life (that’s another story). Now, I’m living vicariously through this podcast every week as I listen to music supervisors and composers explain how and why they’ve perfectly placed music in the TV shows I have fallen in love with and even some I haven’t watched (yet). They’ve already covered shows like The O.C., The Americans, Girls and many more. You won’t be disappointed!

Crime Junkie

For all you true crime lovers out there, I know you’re always looking for a new treat to feed your hunger for, you guessed it, true crime. I guarantee this will be your next obsession! If I lived in Indiana, I would be BFFs with the hosts, Ashley and Brit — my love for true crime, dogs (or Pruppets, as they call their loving dogs) and wine are all too real, so I truly relate to them. I’ll bet even the most polished crime junkies will become familiar and obsessed with some cases they haven’t heard of before tuning in. Sure, they’ve covered the murder of Laci Peterson and the “missing person” case of Robert Fisher and the murder of his family, but they’ve also covered cases completely new to me (and even new to Ashley and Brit!) Thank you to the two lovely ladies who host this podcast for having a passion for true crime and sharing that with your fans!

These and other podcasts allow me to escape the ugliness of the real world for a bit and indulge in something interesting. They have provided me with some great discussion topics at parties and work, and I’ve had some intense debates about some true crime cases with friends, family and others.

Podcasts aren’t necessarily a new thing, but they are the world’s new obsession, and I have a feeling this is just the beginning of the booming podcast era.

Featured Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash.


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