Read This If You Feel Like You’re Always The Girl Before The Girlfriend

Allow me to tell you the story of my life. Where all my exes or the guys I’m talking to get a girlfriend the next week we’re over. Or they go back to their ex for the night for a round of edibles. Or even better, he picks the girl who’s famous with a one-hit wonder. Those weren’t hints or anything.

Anyways, my love life is a big fat joke. I get it; I’m young and I have my entire life ahead of me. Enough of that bullshit and let me tell my humorous love life while It’s interesting.

It’s like I’m a warm-up for every guy’s future wife. It’s an endless cycle of do I really want to talk to this guy and then be left on read in a few days? The truth is, I don’t care that you left me on read. That’s the least of my problems. I’m just upset that you’d rather be playing video games than seeing me in cute lace underwear.

Of course, chasing after someone we can’t have makes us think we’re somehow feeding our soul. We see ourselves with someone and stop to no extent to get what we want. Even if you’re the biggest asshole on this planet, you can do the lowest standard action and girls will somehow find that as a sign of interest. For example, he’ll like your Instagram picture and you automatically think you’re dating. Meanwhile, he’s probably in the middle of fortnite trying to Snapchat his 5 girlfriends when he for sure doesn’t even leave his dorm. I’m definitely being dramatic but I deserve to be.

At this point, I’ve accepted the college dating reality. This is the general cycle of how it always goes. The boy thinks a girl is cute. The boy acts on it for maybe a week or less. The boy gets the girl’s hopes up, then boy drops her, never hangs out with her, and leaves her wondering what could’ve happened. And then the girl is dramatically upset over a boy who gave her attention for a short amount of time.

I get it, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there. But there’s a point where we have to realize how odd it is that we’re upset over an indecisive boy. I’ll let you sulk for an hour, but that’s it. You have to understand that just because a boy doesn’t have mutual feelings, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It sounds cliche, but once you repeat that in your head about 50 times, it helps. Trust me, the end of the world is losing a pair of fake eyelashes at the end of the night.

Like I said, I’ve been there way too many times and maybe I’m being a little hypocritical. But sitting here now overplaying every time I’ve been dramatically upset about it boggles my mind. You can have all the self-esteem in the world but once a boy shuts you down, it’s like your confidence has a funeral. That needs to change. Never apologize for being forward. Never feel stupid for being forward. We need more forward girls in this world. Because in the end, confident girls who speak up end up getting what they need rather than what they want.

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