The Beginner’s Guide To Buying Lingerie For All Body Types

I always had the mentality that what is the point of buying it when it’ll cost you an arm and a leg when it’s only going to end up on the floor? Deep down I also think I believed that I didn’t have a sexy enough body to wear it. (It’s bad to think that, but I did). Let’s be real, I’ve tried sex toys before I even tried lingerie. I know, how does that work?

As my curious mind always does, I came to the conclusion that maybe lingerie wasn’t that bad after all. It wasn’t just about wearing fancy bras and panties that barely fit. It’s about experimenting with different styles to find the one you like and that makes you feel good.

Here’s the beginners guide to buying lingerie:

Talk To Your Girlfriends About It & Look Online First

If you know your friends openly buy some sexy numbers, don’t be afraid to ask and get their opinion on what they like or would suggest. There’s no shame in inquiring before going into a store and checking because it’ll make you feel more comfortable and confident. But always, always, look online for ideas, never buy. By looking online at local stores websites you get a better idea of what they offer, that way when you go in knowing a bit of what styles you are looking for.

A Satin Robe Is a Simple Start

Satin robes are so multi purpose, I can’t begin to explain. It’s simple and sexy. The texture will look and feel smooth and will help turn him on. Plus because it’s not something you’d normally wear, your partner will get more excited to take it off. Plus you don’t even have to wear anything underneath!

**For better sizing La Vie En Rose has excellent sizes for all body types!

If You’re Nervous Buy Something Simple Like a Bodysuit

The beauty about bodysuits are well, they can hide your body if you are a little self conscious. This was the first thing I bought and it really helped give me confidence. Please note that certain materials will work better for your body than others. Lace tends to be more flattering than “bathing suit type materials.” Plus, if it’s not too revealing you can throw it on with a pair of jeans and wear it to the club with your friends!

Don’t let the intimidation of looking at lingerie discourage you from expanding your sexual pallet. There is no shame whatsoever in your game! Take the baby steps and gradually increase your fashion behind closed doors as quickly as you want to. Regardless of how long it takes until you are content in your comfort zone, you and your partner will be pleased, literally.

Featured Image via Unsplash


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