Why You Should Never Be That Person Who Posts A Spoiler

Place yourself into a hypothetical scenario. Stranger Things 2 is finally released on Netflix. You’ve been waiting for it since you binge watched the first season nearly a year ago. However, as excited as you are for the new season, life is a little crazy and you just can’t find the time at the moment to sit down and watch. Even so, you take a few minutes of your time each day to take a nice scroll through your social media feeds…Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, what have you.

Things are great so far; @dog_rates posts another adorable rating of a pup, your friend Angela posts that she was offered a new job, and then *BAM* – before you even realize what’s happening, you’re reading a post about an important plot line in Stranger Things 2. Dumbfounded, you stare at your phone in dismay, wondering just how a person could be so cruel.

Sound familiar at all?

Now, I understand that in our world of social media, everyone wants to post their opinion about X, Y and Z immediately, but when did we, as a collective social media body, determine that it was A-okay to spoil shows and movies? Unless that piece of entertainment has been around for at least a few years, heck, at least give it a few months, I don’t want to hear about the plot. If people want to post their opinions about something, have at it! I just ask that the opinions stay neutral, in that nothing gets spoiled. And if you really must discuss specifics, *SPOILER ALERT* has, and will continue to be, a very acceptable means for communicating what is ahead in a post.

Personally, I’ve had too many parts of shows or movies revealed to me via social media that in return, spoils the whole premise. #RedWedding anyone? Social media revealed one of the biggest plot twists in Game of Thrones the day that episode was released, before I even had a chance to catch up. Let’s make it stop. Let’s save everyone from future heartache and agree as a whole to stop posting spoilers on social media, unless it is clearly stated that it will spoil something. What do you say?

Have you been a victim of having any TV shows or movies spoiled for you because of social media? Do you think it’s okay to post spoilers? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image via Luke Porter on Unsplash


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