5 Makeup Tips That’ll Bring Out Your Photogenic Side

Do you look at the celebrity photos and ask yourself “why can’t I ever look good in pictures?” If yes, the answer is that you need a little awareness about your angles, poses, and some makeup hacks. All these can turn your photos into a bomb. And yes, do not forget to flash a smile!

It is true that makeup can  help enhance your features and make them more noticeable in photos. For instance, sharp contour and highlighted cheekbones will make your face look more defined and perfectly in shape in pictures. I have listed  some of the quick makeup tricks you can follow if you have an event coming up that will involve some photo session.

So, what are you waiting for? Read through and thank me later!

  1. Use a Full Coverage Foundation

If you want your skin to look absolutely flawless and even-toned in the photos, using a full coverage foundation can really help. Once you are done applying it, take a nice concealer that is two shades lighter than the shade of your foundation. Apply it under your eyes to make them more highlighted and to conceal any discoloration along the way.

2. Highlight the Bones

If you want your skin to appear naturally healthy and glowing in the photos, highlighting the bones on the face can really help. Plus, it will also give a nice definition to your face cut. Here is a cool tip: apply a tad bit of oil-free moisturizer to your cheekbones, nose and eyebrow bones and apply a powder highlighter on top of it. It will make the highlight look more prominent in the photos.

3. Make the Eyes Look Bigger

Nobody wants small beady eyes in  photos of themselves, and to make them look big and fresh there are a few tricks you can use. For instance, highlight the inner corners of your eyes as doing this will make your eyes look more awake and lively. Plus, apply a white waterline pencil from the mid to the outer corner of the waterline and then apply a smudgy brown shadow in the outer corners below the lash line.  This will definitely help make your eyes look big and dreamy.

4. Add hue to the Face

Nobody likes to end up looking  pale and sick in  photos. Therefore, you need some rosy cheeks for a nice flush. However, keep in mind that the camera usually blurs everything out and the colors appear duller than they are in reality. So, you better use a dark pink or mauve blush-on for tinting your cheeks.

5. Bold Lips; Cherry on Top

Your lip color matters a lot and it can completely turn your photo into the most perfect one if you use the right shade. I would suggest you to go for nice bold lip shades like coral pink and cherry red. These colors will make you look fresh and youthful whereas darker shades might bring more agedness to the face in the photos.

No matter what choices in makeup you wish to make, I’m sure you’ll look fab! Be sure to comment below what your fav choices are!

Featured Image via Laura Lee


  1. Cool tips, I always thought that I didn’t work out very well in photographs, but lately I have been changing my point of view, and trying not only to look myself in the photographs, but also good.

  2. Hi, I like your photos and your article. This topic is very close to me. I take pictures every day I have a lot of cameras. Most of all I like film and edit photos using professional programs.


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