6 Signs Your Life Is A Mess, But You’re Still Killing It

Everybody knows that your 20s will be messy. Those are the years of figuring out how life works, which doesn’t come with a manual. You will find some ways to survive and make good decisions for your life, but more often than not, you will fail and feel the pain of those rejections, broken hearts, and separations.

But, relax. Humans were designed to face some stressful events which will be followed by the feeling of distress. So, here are 6 signs that you came out as a winner even though your life is a mess:

1. You feel so lost, but calm at the same time

Maybe in your 20s, you don’t know what to do with your life; you haven’t decided your career and you haven’t found ‘the one.’ At first, you might feel worried about your future, but in the meantime, you feel familiar with your own confusion instead of being stressed out. You start to realize that being lost is a part of life and you know by heart that you’ll figure everything out by time. You have that strong belief towards the universe that everything will work out in whatever decisions that you’ll make ahead.

2. You confront failures with an open heart

For you, failures are no longer something major because you’ve gotten used to it. You still have disappointment after rejections, but it won’t take long for you to feel alright again. You learned a lot from those failures; you knew the mistakes that you’ve done, you made some plans to fix them, and you promised that you won’t make the same mistakes again. For you, failures are the sign for nothing but to start over.  

3. You realize that too much expectation can destroy yourself

Life drags you down a million times and you realize that expectation is the key to control your disappointment. You will start to balance your mind for being an optimist and also a realist. Calculating the possibility of success will be the first thing you’ll do for every plan ahead. Your motto is more hard work, less expectation. This also happens in your love life; you will observe the signs, whether he’s into you or he’s just another f*ckboy. And yes, you play it safe in every deep relationship you have.          

4. Letting go is not a new lesson for you

You are no longer surprised by separation which can lead you to feel broken. You fully understand that most people in your 20’s are temporary and you know exactly that a goodbye will be followed by a new hello. Instead of mourning your loss towards the people who got away, you are excited to meet some new people and to experience new things. Day by day you learn to live with the pain of a broken heart, you understand that moving on takes time, and you’re okay with that.    

5. You no longer see other people’s lives are better (or worse) than yours

Despite all the struggles and painful events in your life, somehow you don’t want to live somebody else’s life. You know that every single person has their own problems and no one in this world has the perfect life. At the same time, you will feel proud of yourself for going this far. You have many scars in your heart, but you learn to love and live with it. No ‘grass is greener’ for you because you know that your life has been multicoloured already.

6. You still have time to travel or do the things which make you happy

In the middle of those stressful moments, somehow you still manage to enjoy the life by doing the things you love; travelling, writing, playing music, singing, or anything else which release the stress. For you, a quality time for yourself is a must and you know exactly that work-life balance is the priority of your life in your 20s. It’s all about work hard and play hard.

In sum, you are a master of life when you have a high level of resiliency; you are able to ‘bounce back’ again after life brings you down to your knees. All you need is a strong faith towards the universe; you have to believe that there is always something good in everything. Anyone can be a master of their own life, including you.

Featured image via Godisable Jacob on Pexels



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