5 Reliable Ways To Break The Fake News Bubble

If you’re a millennial like me, odds are you’ve probably been accused by someone older than you that you don’t know what you’re talking about at least once in your young life. Us millennials are unfairly notorious for getting our news from social media and generally being in-the-know about the wrong things, and generations before us are notorious for underestimating us because of it.

I, for one, am so sick of older generations making immediate assumptions about my generation. We’ll never be able to stop it from happening totally, but we can rock the boat a little bit now and again by proving them wrong whenever we can.

The world is a crazy place, and keeping up with the day-to-day is increasingly essential. Whether you’re looking for news on economic fluctuations, political intrigue or social trends, the internet has you covered. However, in today’s world of “fake news” (*cue eye roll*), it can undeniably be hard to figure out what sites to trust.

It’s tempting to rely on Twitter for your daily dose of world news. However, relying only on sparse social media stories for a given topic can be a slippery slope.

Stories spread like wildfire on social media, and many of them turn out to just be false clickbait by someone looking to get easy likes. Certain platforms are very subjective, covering stories on pre-selected topics meant to cater to their audience. Further, those writing and posting the news are not held down by any editorial obligations and can provide it at a slant, or rush to false conclusions.

The volume of material available on these sites distracts from close reading and comprehension, which is another huge problem. Twitter and other platforms allow you to effortlessly jump from a blurb on North Korea to a stir-fry recipe to the latest fashion within a matter of seconds. While convenient, readers are encouraged to only scratch the surface before moving on to something new and shiny.

So I’ve compiled a starter list of a few great sites that specialize in particular areas and provide lovingly objective material to those interested.

  1. Foreign Policy

Political news organizations have had their hands full since the 2016 election. Many have swayed into subjectivity and name-calling with certain political figures, and it’s tough finding an even-keeled, reliable news source. If you’re looking for global political news without the rhetoric, FP is the place for you.

Through all the political firestorms and exciting new revelations, FP has kept itself on the straight-and-narrow, offering its readers high-quality, readable stories on essential and unfolding events all around the world. Situation Report offers paragraph-length blurbs on the most important daily news, and Morning Brief has blurbs of several breaking stories from each continent, with links to the full stories.

  1. Bloomberg

We all like to know how the economy is doing, and Bloomberg does too. It caters to that interest on all levels: from those just starting to develop their economic chops to seasoned veterans in the field. Bloomberg also offers straightforward and factual reporting on recent events, eliminating any bias or political skew.

Bloomberg is an excellent source for young people looking to get their start in market research and begin to understand economic trends.

  1. The New Yorker

The New Yorker has been criticized for a liberal slant on some topics and coverage. However, none of its detractors can deny the depth and quality of anything published by this magazine. Pieces are informed and heavily-researched before publication and stretch for several pages.

The New Yorker publishes nonfiction stories by established and emerging writers, covering any and all topics which provide a compelling read. It also features one of the most sought-after slots for fiction — trending towards gritty hyper-realism — and poetry.

  1. The Wall Street Journal

The WSJ cracked a code and has been blowing minds ever since. This paper is a blend of hot journalism and conservative economics, a combination nobody else has managed to pull off. It is also the most widely-circulated newspaper in the world and conforms to its unique style of print layout.

Clearly, all of this has worked for the WSJ, and its readership numbers speak volumes. Any paper which can find support from both sides of the political aisle is one worth reading.

  1. BBC

In these days of biased reporting, BBC stands out from the rest of the news organizations because, well, it’s not American. While everyone is bound to have political biases, BBC finds itself uniquely positioned as someone without a horse in American politics. Having this level of detachment puts BBC in a unique position for objective reporting.

Bonus: Unwritten!

Okay, so we aren’t really a news site, but nothing like a little shameless self-promotion, eh? We work hard here at Unwritten to make sure you’re getting fun and a smart daily dose of fashion, romance and more. So we hope you keep coming back!

The Internet Age can be a difficult one to maneuver, but we’re growing up in it! There’s no reason we shouldn’t be the most informed users online. Do your research, then research your research! Social media can be lots of fun, but make sure to use quality sources to fact-check what you read on Twitter. It will help you make better arguments and the knowledge will help you grow as a learner and as a person!

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