What You Need To Remember If Your Heart Is Broken

Sometimes, we find ourselves contemplating past events that didn’t go our way and searching for things we could have done differently. We set our minds on trying to win back lost time. Letting your mind go back to these events that left you unsettled can make you feel a variety of strong emotions. Maybe, you felt like you couldn’t stand your problems any longer. You may have thought that you couldn’t continue to exist because simply breathing felt like there were thorns in your chest tearing you apart, causing you to feel like everything you hoped for was gone. You thought that you couldn’t survive anymore – but you are here because you did.

You chose to live.

You chose to wake up and clean up your messy, confusing thoughts. You chose not to drown yourself in an ocean of sadness and emptiness. You chose not to look back. You chose to close your eyes to all those glimpses of the past. You chose to walk away from the things and people that no longer inspire you. You chose to move forward. You chose to give yourself another try, another chance, another brand-new day. You chose to see life in a new light and hold onto any sunshine that comes your way. You chose to believe that goodness still exists somewhere in this world.

Our hearts break in different ways when people pretend to love us. Although you may believe that your heartbreak will never leave you, it heals when you thrive and cope. In life, you will need to learn to accept that you can’t have everything you want, so learn to let go if you need  to. Our hearts will break, bend, scatter, and wear out, but amazingly, they will continue to love despite heartache.

No matter how much you’ve gone through, you are brave for choosing to fight life’s uncertainties.

You are boldly facing the things you thought you couldn’t live without and getting to know yourself better in the process. Self-discovery isn’t easy, it is not comfortable, and it is not entertaining most of the time, but it is always worth your effort. You’ll endure a lot of pain, bear a lot of heaviness, and pull yourself back together. But at the end of the day, knowing your internal strength is a breakthrough, and it is truly amazing.

Whatever it is that you are struggling with right now, know that you can push through. You’re working on surpassing your struggles, and once you have,you’ll be able to overcome them again. The weight of your current emotions will never break you. Remember that your heart is strong and it will never tire of healing itself. Believe that your heart will be whole again.

Your heart believes in you, and so should you.

Featured Photo via Pixabay.


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