4 Tips On How To Successfully Escape A Bad Date

We’ve all been there. The conversations are awkward, he’s nothing like he seemed he would be on Bumble, his voice is annoying, he only talks about work, the feelings are just platonic. Bad dates happen all the time. While we sit there and slowly drift into a lala land to avoid listening to this man we pray silently that this date will soon be over.

The unfortunate truth is that we put ourselves through torturous dates because we don’t know how to get out of them without being rude. Women are people pleasers, and we would never be rude to someone if the feelings just aren’t there, especially because we know how much it can hurt.

I think because we are so panicked about being miserable we forget to slow things down mentally and just think about how we can just leave without seeming rude. But don’t worry, now that I’ve had some time to reflect on prior disaster dates, here are my tips on how to get out without seeming rude:

Don’t Order a Second Drink

If there is one tip I want you to remember from this article, it is this one. By getting another drink you open yourself up to more conversations you don’t want to have and extends the invitation for a longer evening. When you decline, it indicates to him that you are ready to wrap up the evening. This is the case where more alcohol just doesn’t help!

Drive Yourself & Use the Excuse You Need to Bring The Car Back

It might seem immature but what are you going to do when you are borrowing the car and need to be back by a certain time, but it’s an easy and effective cop out the guy will respect. All you have to do is at the beginning of the date say you have to have the car back by a certain time, or you’re waiting to hear back from someone about the car. That way you make your grand exit on your own terms.

Plan an “Emergency”

We’ve seen it on TV so why not do it now? Excuse yourself to the washroom and send the “fml, I need you” text and your friend will know what to do. Obviously you don’t have to panic, freak out and leave because he might expect something’s up, but wait a while after your bathroom break to do it so it doesn’t seem too planned.

Before the Date Tell Him You Have a Commitment After

By making him aware that you have something, such as a class, after your date you both will be more time conscious. And if the date is going well you can allow yourself more time by using the excuse, “it’s cancelled”. But if it’s going horribly you know what time it’ll end at and you can run for the hills.

Sometimes we have those dates where we feel uncomfortable or absolutely enraged or disgusted. In those situations where you really feel that uncomfortable, you need to leave and there is no problem with saying you’re not interested and leaving, especially if you feel unsafe. But these tips are helpful in a time crunch or to pre-plan. Be sure to keep your girlfriend’s aware too so they can help bail you out!

Featured image via Wiktor Karkocha on Unsplash


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