Why Our Love Was Like Being In The Middle Of A Hurricane

There is a hurricane outside, the weather is crazy, the wind is blowing trees over and it’s a fucking mess.

Kinda like me and you. We’re a crazy mess, there is havoc everywhere, but we like each other so much we decide to stay every time, or maybe it’s not love.

Maybe we’re just addicted to each other in this toxic co-dependent mess. Just like a hurricane, it’s horrible, but it shows the power and strength mother nature has, and in that way, we can admire the beauty in it. Just like you and me baby. So what are we going to do? Pretend everything is ok? Try to work on communication?

We’ve tried that before.

We always end up in the same spot, tired, angry, but can’t seem to leave. It’s like we enjoy the torture, or maybe we’ve gotten so used to it we don’t know what else is right. Either way, we know this is going to end, so when are we going to pull the plug?

I know I couldn’t do this time. I was crying more like sobbing. My whole face was red and mascara stained. I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t walk away even know there is nothing left. I think you’re right… I’m crazy.

Crazy to stay in this storm with you and pretend that one day it will a perfect dream.

Featured image via Samantha Fernandes on Unsplash


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