What To Expect On A First Date

You probably clicked on this because the title sounds intriguing and well… no one wants to go on a bad date, so why not learn what to expect? First off, if you are looking for guidelines or advice on how to win that guy on the first date, this is not that. But if you are looking for honesty, then you have clicked the right article.

As per someone who takes their time between relationships and doesn’t go on dates very often, I tend to be very careful on these first dates and all the others I have ever been on. I used to be so insecure and so scared about somehow messing up that I wouldn’t be myself around the guys I’d meet. I’d hide my feelings and say things that I thought were within the same region of conversation but in reality, I thought what we were talking about was boring, and I mean BORING. But now that I have confidence and am sure of who I am, I feel like I can go on dates and be myself– which is such a great feeling.

I have a date planned for the next weekend and was thinking about what to do for it, what to wear, and what we were going to talk about. But then I realized one thing; it isn`t a big deal. It’s a date, one night, one chance to see if you really like the person or realize you don’t. So for what to expect on a first date…

Expect Nothing.

When you expect certain things on the first date your mind is closed to the possibility you may end up liking the guy. You may end up having more in common than you thought. When you go on a date with an open mind and have no expectations you can find yourself being tested as well… tested to try new things, to be spontaneous, to see the world as someone else does. It’s adventurous and meant to be fun, so try and keep your mind clear and remember everyone is different and that you meet everyone for a reason… so who knows what will happen at the end of the day.

When going on dates, you have two options that will predict the outcome before you even go. Option one; be grumpy, closed minded, stuck up, bored, and essentially not giving the day or the date that chance to change your mind about life. Option two; wake up ready for the day, get prepared for your date, wear something you feel comfortable in, do something you enjoy but be open to suggestions, keep an open mind, and lastly be yourself.

If you’re anything like who I used to be, you may choose that first option and that is okay, but you can expect to have a shitty day. If you’re anything like I am now, you’ll choose the second option and have fun, be adventurous and create memories so you can one day look back and remember the crazy adventure you had, and who you shared it with.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow but as for the moment, live in it, enjoy every minute of it, you’re only as young as you are now… now. So take advantage of your own life and go on that date with an open mind, start your day with a positive attitude, and be happy. Follow Bob Marley and “don’t worry be happy,” just start living a happy life with yourself and those who you choose to surround yourself with.

Feature image via Tabitha Turner on Unsplash


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