30 New Year’s Resolutions That Could Really Change Your Life

2018 is around the corner, and thus comes the flood of New Year’s resolutions and “New Year, New Me” on social media. Let’s be honest though, over 94% of people who begin a New Year’s resolutions will fail their New Year’s resolution, solely because you cannot change your life overnight. Changing your life takes many small actions put together over a period of time. Listed below are 30 actions that can add up to change your life. So if you were looking for a New Year’s resolution that you can stick to and succeed, the list is yours.

  1. Read More books
  2. Walk More
  3. Learn the Basics of a New Language
  4. Rekindle a Lost Friendship
  5. Learn to Meditate
  6. Keep a Journal
  7. Learn how to Organize Paperwork
  8. Find a Side Hustle
  9. Find a New Way to Earn Money
  10. Learn to Deep Breathe
  11. Sleep More
  12. Watch Less TV
  13. Set a Schedule
  14. Drink Less Alcohol
  15. Start a Small Savings Account
  16. Volunteer at Least 1 Day a Month
  17. Adopt a Pet
  18. Learn a New Recipe
  19. Utilize Free Check Ups (if you have health insurance)
  20. Try Being 5 Minutes Early to Every Event
  21. Learn Your Phone’s Functions Better
  22. Stop Blaming Others
  23. Spend Less Time on Social Media
  24. Keep a Good Calendar
  25. Pick a New Healthy Habit a Month, and Stick to it
  26. Clean Out Your Closest
  27. Deep Clean Your Apartment
  28. Try a New Food
  29. Learn How to Stick to a List
  30. Spend Less Money

While some of these seem bigger than other, most of these correlate and can assist with others (EX. Drinking less alcohol, saves money). So while you may be only aiming to complete one of the tasks on the list, you are probably completing many tasks. So if you want to change your life for the better, start by picking a task above and work your way through it throughout the year. It’s time to raise your glass, and toast on a New Year, and a resolution you can keep.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash


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