5 Damn Good Reasons To Date The Girl That Makes You Laugh

Wordplay leads to Foreplay.....

In my experience, the funny girl is always under-appreciated. The funny girl is the one people assume hides her emotions under a stack of jokes or shouldn’t be taken seriously. The funny girl is the one most men run away from in fear of being overshadowed.

But what’s so intimidating about the funny girl? I can tell you right now, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. She’s just ridiculously funny. And better yet, she damn well isn’t afraid to show it.

And if a smile on your face is not a good enough reason to keep her in your life, let me convince you otherwise:

She’s honest            

 Honesty has, and will always remain the best policy. Every joke has an element of honesty hiding beneath its surface. She won’t leave you guessing where you stand or ghost you without so much as a goodbye. She’ll make you laugh after a ridiculous fight and shake it off (*Taylor Swift Background*).  She’ll genuinely show you affection instead of searching for Pokémon on her iPhone….Just Saying.

 She’ll take control

Since equality prevails in the 21st century, it’s not always up to the guys to take the wheel and steer the conversation. The funny girl will have no problem reaching out with a witty joke or sarcastic comment that will leave you smiling all evening long.

She’ll encourage you to work

When she’s being funny, you’ll want to be funny too. As she makes you laugh, you’ll try damn hard to make her laugh too, leaving both of you smiling for hours. It will make you think before you speak, unconsciously devoting attention to every single detail of your conversation. And since the devil is in the detail, you’ll thank her down the road to success.

She’ll break down your guard

If someone is comfortable with you, chances are you can become comfortable with them too. She’ll make you stronger, better and happier. But most importantly, she’ll make you feel so loved that you won’t even need your guard up in the first place.

She’ll be your best friend

A smile releases dopamine quicker than your morning coffee. She’ll crack a joke with your friends over drinks and break the ice… And that’s just the beginning.

Being with the girl who makes you smile will not only make for a great partner, but she’ll always be your best friend.

And if you’re not convinced yet, wordplay leads to foreplay….Just saying *wink*

Featured image via J Carter on Pexels


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