20 Ways Your Life Gets Better When You Finally Get Over Him

When you are in a relationship, you can lose yourself. Sometimes it is for the good; Someone adding joy to your life to make you into a better person. Other times it is bad; Transforming you into this person that is a shell of what you used to be, someone who  lost who they were in order to keep things in the relationship going smoothly. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it is when the relationship is over that you  finally realize how off the deep end you have gone. You come out broken, damaged. Feel out of control. Lost at where to begin again. And then slowly you pick up the pieces, seeing what you need to see when your eyes were closed too tight. Feeling all of the emotions in the world to pull yourself back together and come out on the other side – Free again.

It isn’t until when you are out of that relationship that you realize that there is a bigger world of things happening around you. You should be out there not just living in it, but enjoying the hell out of it! It is in those moments that you not only realize that you can survive on your own two feet, but you don’t need this man or any man to get by.

Here is what happens when you finally get over him:

  1. No more black & white. You start to see the world in color again.
  2. You can breathe. Smile. Laugh. Get back to enjoying life.
  3. You can see how strong you are and how much you have overcome.
  4. You see a world outside of him and what opportunities are out there.
  5. You are finally able to listen to Taylor Swift and not want ugly cry into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.
  6. You finally realize what your friends were saying about him all along – He did have a big nose and receding hairline.
  7. You are able to do what you want and get back to the things you love.
  8. You can enjoy endless hours of Channing Tatum stripping and not feel guilty about it.
  9. You are able to appreciate yourself for all that you are worth.
  10. You can finally get rid of that ugly piece of jewelry he got you that you have been pretending to like and had to wear every time he was around.
  11. You are can wear your hair however you want to, no one is telling you otherwise.
  12. You are finally able to see the faults in your relationship and that you deserve better.
  13. You can get any topping you want on your pizza now and don’t have to worry about sharing it!
  14. You can devote more time to your love of yodeling or badminton.
  15. You realize that you truly deserve to be happy.
  16. You see that he was not the one for you.
  17. You see that you have a lot more going for you now that you are free of that negativity.
  18. You start living for you and realize that nothing can hold you back.
  19. You feel this effortless sense of optimism and believe in yourself again enough to know that you can let him go.

And finally,

20. You are able to wish the best to him. Whether that best to you means him finding love or being hit by a bus, he doesn’t need to know.

I may seem like the hardest thing in the world right now, but you will get over him. It may take a day, a week or even a few months, but when that moment comes, you will know it. In that moment, nothing can hold you back!

Featured image Jonaorle on Pexels


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