7 Judgments People Make Within Seconds Of Meeting You


Have you ever wondered what someone’s first impressions of you are? Do you look like someone who they can trust, or do you give people an “off” feeling before you even open your mouth? Do your clothes make a positive or negative impression on others? 

While it’s superficial to judge someone based solely on the way they look, it’s unfortunately part of human nature. Even though we as a society are slowly breaking away from relying solely on appearances when we interact with others, first impressions sometimes just tend to stick, even if they stray from the truth of who people are. 

And while you may think that someone only gets one or two pieces of information about you from their first impression, there’s research that has found that a person can actually make seven connections to who you might be right after just meeting you for the first time.

Wild! Who would have thought that you could have that many thoughts about someone without knowing them?

In 2015, Business Insider produced a video that summarizes seven first impressions that people usually perceive after meeting someone new. Here they are:

1. Trustworthiness

In a study, participants were given just 100 milliseconds to rate someone’s trustworthiness based on their face. Their ratings turned out to be the same as those who were given an unlimited time to make the same ratings.

2. Economic status

Wearing brand-name clothing implies that someone has money. Apparently, we all tend to make that connection when we meet others for the first time.

3. Sexual orientation

A study found that people decide men’s sexual orientations within a twentieth of a second of meeting them. According to Business Insider, that’s also the minimum amount of time it takes to recognize a face. Sexual orientation doesn’t have a “look,” but it seems like people think that it does.

4. Intellect

Researchers found that people perceive those who make eye contact while speaking others as smarter than others. Intelligence and eye contact have a correlation, and people definitely respond to it. Wearing glasses also makes people think that you have above-average intelligence.

5. Promiscuity

A study in Britain found people perceive women with visible tattoos to be more promiscuous. Is it true, though? Not necessarily.

6. Dominance

We see bald men as more dominant than men who have hair. An evolutionary trait, perhaps?

7. Success

Participants in a study were given five seconds to look at and rate the success of men in two sets of photos. In one set the men wore tailored suits, and the other, men wore non-tailored suits. Participants rated the men in the suits that fit better as more successful.

So what does this mean? Well, people are way too judgmental with first impressions. Although there are reasons we think the way that we do, it’s better to keep our minds open when we meet new people.

Originally written by Caithlin Pena  on YourTango.

Featured Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash.


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