5 Outdoor Workouts That Will Get You In Killer Shape

What better way to welcome Spring than to spend as much time as possible outside absorbing the sunshine. It’s also the perfect way to motivate yourself and improve your workouts. This is the perfect time of year to take your workout outside; not so cold it has you shivering, but not so warm that you find moving around unbearable.

Winter has kept you locked inside, wishing for nice and brighter days. Now they are here, and there’s no excuse not to take advantage of them. Whether you were working out at home or at the gym, it’s still secluding you to one space. For those of you who found it difficult to muster up the motivation to work out at all, here is your chance to get back at it.

To help motivate you and get you moving in this amazing weather, here are a few outdoor workout recommendations:

  1. Trail-Running: Find your local trails, or simply ask around to see some scenic routes friends or family use to walk/run. These trails are a great substitution for the treadmill! Not only are the views significantly better, but it’s a refreshing change for your body and mind!
  2. Outdoor Yoga/Pilates: Some locations offer classes like these, which I highly recommend trying out! If not, don’t be afraid to tackle this on your own. There are plenty of great yoga and pilates apps that are free and available on the go. Drag your mat into your backyard or even onto your balcony and enjoy some sunshine while you get your sweat on!
  3. Canoe/Kayak: Hitting the water is one of the best things about springs! It’s also one of the most relaxing workouts there are. With amazing views, the sound of calming water and if canoeing than maybe even an opportunity to catch up with a friend! Lots of lakes and rivers rent out canoes and/or kayaks for fairly cheap and it’s a great way to spend a lovely spring day. If you’re feeling extra motivated, pack a picnic and make a day of it!
  4. Find A Local Court: This can be a basketball court, or tennis court, whichever suits you best. All of these sports keep you moving and sweating in an enjoyable way. Grab a few friends and make a game of it! Better yet, make it a weekly event. That way it keeps the competitive veins flowing, and the energy levels up.
  5. Regular Circuit: If getting outside is as creative as you’re feeling today, that’s okay too! Drag your mat or weights outside and do one of your regular routines. The vitamin D and just the positivity a spring day brings will add a little extra to your normal workout.

Taking your workout outdoors gives you an unlimited amount of space, and best of all, a new outlook. As great as routine can be, sometimes switching it up is what your body and mind need. Working out outside provides new views and some much needed fresh air. If you’re feeling rusty, or just trying to shake off those winter blues, check out some of these outdoor workout ideas!

Featured image via Chermiti Mohamed on Unsplash


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