The Top 4 Physical Features That Women Are Immediately Attracted To

As shallow as this statement is, physical attraction does inevitably play a role in our lives. For each of us this can be something drastically different, but regardless it is present. Instinctively we look for someone who is not only emotionally or mentally compatible to us, but someone who is a physical match for us. That is how we ensure that the human race continues to reproduce and thus survive.

Now, there is an extraordinary number of items that come into play when it comes to compatibility. We all have experienced what it’s like when we meet someone, and they seem like the perfect fit for us at first, but then over time, you grow to learn otherwise. Differences in opinion, location, and overall perspectives on life can very quickly drive us apart, so what draws us together?

Is it that you share a sense of humor or are interested in the same novels or shows? Maybe you are in the same program or just had a wonderful first conversation. The other element though, is whether or not you were attracted to that person physically. Of course, we can’t all be the Hadid sisters or have received the perfect genes from David Beckham himself. However, we are all aware of that feeling when you are chemically drawn to someone.

Have you ever felt that pull? The one that comes from somewhere deep within you that is telling you that you want to know that person. Even more, that you need to know that person. Even if you’re too shy to actually physically bring yourself to make a move, some part of you knows that you want to be near them. What I want to know, is why? What about this particular person is reeling you in? What makes you crave for their touch?

I asked a group of young women what the first physical feature on a man to draw them in is. I gave them various options and also allowed them to add an option if they felt it was something I hadn’t included. What I discovered was that certain features stood out the most for women, and not all of these features were genetic.

To begin, the characteristic which had by far the most support was a man’s smile. It’s pretty difficult to make an argument against this! Who doesn’t love the feeling when you make eye contact with someone, and you see a grin spread wide across their face. A smile changes everything. It alters the other features on your face, whether that means creating dimples or making your eyes light up. It changes their demeanor, the way someone’s personality is perceived and the overall first impression you have of someone. Little hint fellas, next time you approach a woman, just smile.

The other features that women tend to be drawn to first were a man’s eyes, facial hair and last but not least, style. How you are perceived is somewhat in your control. Dress in a way that portrays your personality, and you will find women who are attracted to just that. Similarly, keeping your facial hair as clean shaven or as unruly as suits you. That can help you attract women who prefer men with a personality that reflects it.

Despite all of these factors being physical, they represent a huge portion of who you are. Your career, the level of seriousness through which you look at life, and so much more. Often I think we all begin to feel slightly out of control like the world will directly determine our lives for us. While timing and luck are inevitable factors that affect your life, so are you. Present yourself in a way that reflects who you are to the very best of your abilities, and you will find that you just might catch the right woman’s eye. The same goes for women, take control of the elements you do have the power of and chalk the rest up to this crazy thing we call life.

Feature image via Szabo Viktor on Unsplash



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