Welcome To The Real World: Why You’re Going To Miss Finals After College

I’ve been in the real world for six months now, and I have to be completely honest with you, the world and myself…I MISS COLLEGE. Living in the real world, also known as adulting, has some ups and downs just like college. But I honestly cannot imagine doing this for the rest of my life, let alone adding kids and a husband into the mixture. It gives me a partial stroke just thinking about it.

As much as I never thought I’d miss exams, classes and worrying about finding a job or raising my GPA, calculating rent, health insurance, a phone bill, food and extra activities really adds up and is beginning to get far more stressful that I imagined it would be. For example, when I was in college and blew too much money at the bar or shopping I would laugh it off and pick up another shift at the restaurant. In the real world if I blow too much money I have to eat literally nothing but cheese and crackers until next paycheck.

Some may think of me as another whiney millennial, but don’t be too quick to place your judgements. I definitely don’t think I’m alone in questioning the system. We’re questioning the normalcy of sitting at a desk all day just to move up the corporate ladder and then retire while watching our youth fade away. I’ll never forget my college graduation, the Dean of Public Health said something along the lines of this,

sitting is the new smoking.

So, how do we get up off our butts, stop watching our lives fade, and conquer the life of being an adult with purpose? Here are 5 situations and decisions you’re bound to face and how you should probably handle them if you’re going to be adulting right:

1. Should I Wear This to Work

If you have to ask then do not pass go, back pedal back into your closet, change, and find something that makes you stop pondering this question. You would rather be conservative than the recent post grad who still thinks it’s clubbing season. 

oh thank you

2. Should I Tell My Co-worker This

I miss the days where when something monumental happened I could run across the street or down the block to a friend’s house and spew my soul. Now, when an ex-fling or my boss tells me something that shocks me, I have to run to the bathroom and pretend I’m pooping in order to text paragraphs to my friends who are also doing their own fake poop routine.

I called my mother once over this a few weeks ago, and she said your co-workers are named that for a reason, and your friends are your friend for a reason. Unless your relationship dates back to cuddling each other in high school or college I would keep my lips sealed and keep the relationship cordial.


3. Should I Text My Old Fling

HAHAHA. NO. He or she is an old fling for a reason. Will you follow the advice of my previous sentence? Obviously nobody really does, but realistically don’t make the mistake.


4. Should I Quit My Job

This is pretty simple. It’s like a flowchart. Here’s how you should answer this: How bad is it? Are you complaining over simple things or are you actually in the fetal position in the handicap stall calling your mom?

Next, do you have another job lined up? No? Will your parents support you? Do you have another job lined up? If you said, yes, I have another job lined up, then umm, bitch run for the hills and quit your job!

i quit

5. Should I Date and Commit to Him/Her

I traveled alone right after graduating college and I have never felt so free before in my life. However, sometimes Young, Wild and Free can spell, LONELY. Part of me just wants to travel the world killing it one nightclub, beach and museum at a time, but the other part of me is like, “I want someone to love me and cuddle me.” 

Relationships are about compromise. You will never find one person that is always on your wavelength at all times. Hell, I’m not even on my own wavelength, at all times. But, if your significant other is worth the long haul then absolutely commit. If you’re having doubts then I suggest popping in your headphones and getting acquainted with nature and yourself to clear your mind.


My life hasn’t ended. Trust me, I’m still having a good time. But the adjustment has been weird. Adulting is a different kind of fun, and the decisions you make will affect you. There isn’t a safety net like college, but it’s nice to know that we control our happiness. We control what our next step may be. Whether relocating to a new city or quitting your job and traveling the world. This is a transition for all of us and it’s a transition period that I hope I adjust to sooner rather than later.

adult life

Featured image via cottonbro on Pexels


  1. I love this article! So good! I’m scared to enter the real world because I still feel like I need to start dressing like it’s a professional job and the real world. Because finals are definitely more about dressing comfy and the real world means looking appropriate and nice.


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