Which Halloween Candy Are You Based On Your Birth Month

Halloween is fast approaching and we couldn’t be more excited. A day to have the sh*t scared right out of you, while giving innocent children free trick or treat candy at your front door (or eating it all yourself, whichever you prefer). Who cares how much chocolate you eat because today is all about haunting and candy! So which type of candy are you this Halloween season? Look for your birth month below and reveal which delectable candy you are for Halloween 2016!


January – Hershey’s Cookies and Cream

After a long but much-needed holiday break from school with family and friends, you have to march your way back to school and celebrate your birthday away from home. But that’s ok, although rocky, you find a smooth satisfaction in knowing you can party without your parents around! That’s why you are the smooth yet rocky Cookies and Cream Chocolate bar!


February – Oh Henry

We wait for spring break all of January. When the end of February finally delivers that crazy week away from school and responsibilities, we bet we can find you attending some crazy parties and getting ready to celebrate your fabulous birthday with friends! If not, we bet you’ll be hauled up on some beaches in another country sipping your troubles away! That’s why you are the crazy yet satisfying Oh Henry Bar! Fudge covered in peanuts, caramel and chocolate, you lucky duck!


March – Mars Bar

For some people, March brings the slow melting of the winter snow as the temperatures increase, and everything around you is in the in between. It’s too cold to put my winter gear away, yet too warm to be so bundled up. One thing you can always be sure of though, is caramel, chocolate nougat all dipped divinely in milk chocolate, like the Mars bar!


April – Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar

April Showers bring May flowers, and because we all need a little comfort food on dreary days, and/or end of exams, you are the Hershey milk chocolate bar. You are dependable, everyone’s best friend and go great in any situation! No one can pass up a little milk chocolate!


May – Aero

In May, the flowers bloom, the sun starts to peek its way through the grey clouds and we become more hopeful that summer is right around the corner. Much like the popping up of leaves on the trees and flowers that were buried by snow in the winter, your chocolate is the bubbly Aero bar! Fantastic milk chocolate with a little bit of surprise bubbles!


June – Skittles

June brings us a step closer to summer, where May flowers have bloomed and the sun begins to shine everyday, with the temperature really heating up. The grass has never been so green and you can’t help but find yourself outside all the time. That’s why your candy is Skittles! June is full of so much color and life. Taste the rainbow, or look at it outside your window!


July – M&Ms

We welcome July as it now marks the hottest month of the year, where we can lounge on the beach or suntan in our backyards. We don’t want heavy chocolate weighing us down this summer, which is why you are M&Ms. The perfect on the go snack that doesn’t feel heavy in our stomach and can be shared with friends!


August – Sour Patch Kids

You know in just a few short weeks summer comes to a close and you have to head back to school and everything that goes with it, including its routine. So although you may be feeling sour like the Sour Patch Kids Candy that you are, enjoy the rest of your summer and make it the sweetest yet!


September – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

September has such beautiful fall colors, as we transition from Summer to Autumn. Some days we get the best of both worlds, which is why your candy is the famous Reese’s Peanut Butter cups! The best of both chocolate and peanut butter wrapped in a gorgeous bright orange wrapper, delicious!


October – Kit-Kat

Good things come in twos, much like you sharing a birthday in the same month as Halloween! You get two celebrations in one month, which is why you are the Kit-Kat Chocolate bar! Two cookie wafers dipped in chocolate. Lucky girl!


November – Candy Corn

You come out from your books, studying and midterms and enjoy a great Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends. Much like the Candy Corn that only comes out once a year in the fall, you come out with a bang and can’t wait to let loose!


December – Peppermint Patty

You have a frosty birthday month which is why your chocolate is the Peppermint Patty! Much like the month of December your chocolate is best eaten by the roasting fire and shared with family and friends. Who doesn’t like a little mint chocolate?

This Halloween season isn’t just about giving candy, it’s about eating it too! Halloween is the one day a year we can be someone other than ourselves, wear a mask and lie about who we are all in the name of fun. So dress up and go out to a party, or kick back and watch some scary movies with friends or family, but make sure you enjoy some Halloween candy, you earned it!

Featured image via Pexels


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