If #CalExit Succeeds Then California Will Be Its Own Country

California is creeping up into the spotlight with the latest politic-based protest: their very own #CalExit. During the last week of January, California has been granted permission to start a petition to secede from the United States of America.

What does this mean? Well kids, remember history classes where we joked around about Texas trying to become its own country? Yeah… that’s what California is trying to do. Does this mean we’re going to have a war over it? No… we’ve grown up since then… I think. So far, Californians are going crazy, in a good way, over it all. The “Yes California Campaign” is gaining momentum as it has a real chance of succeeding.

So what does it take for California to move out of the States?

1. The Petition

California has already begun its petition process by receiving Senate approval. The petition must exceed its minimum requirements of around 585,407  signatures from valid/registered California voters. There will also be a vote for secession in the Senate once the petition makes its way up.

2. An Agreement

For California to make its way out of the States for real, the other states have to tell them to get out. With just ⅔ vote from states, alongside that Californian petition, we could be looking at a farewell to America’s Hollywood State. If California makes it through that petition and gets its popularity vote, America will be left with 49 states (amending the constitution) and its pocketful of territories (of which, California may become).

Once those two steps are complete, the governor of California would have quite the load of paperwork on his desk. Not only would he have to apply for California to become its own portion of the United Nations, but he would also have to form his own administration, coming up with new plans for a form of a constitution, declaration of independence, and whatever else he chooses to establish his own country.

It most certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if the new president of California was a natural born American citizen. Would it still be the ever so glowing Jerry Brown? Or would he establish his own style of government? Maybe he’d change his mind and stick with America and let a new guy step it up in leading California, the Bear Country.

This wouldn’t be the first time Millennials have experienced the birth of a new country. In 2011, the country of Sudan became two: Sudan and South Sudan (officially The Republic of South Sudan).  This experience may not world-shattering, but it’s still a pretty huge deal, especially when it’s happening within our own borders. I mean think about the last time we got a new state, HA! Texas’ pleas for independence teeter every few years, but maybe someday we will really have a Republic of California (or the California Republic) alongside our beautiful (and politically crazed) country.

Come Spring 2018, Californians will have to make the big decision, will they really go through with the #CalExit? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!

Featured Image via Pexels.


    • California pays a lot more in federal taxes than gets back. We support the red welfare states. Because we are the 6th largest economy in the world, the US needs us more than we need them. I doubt this will happen but if they do not impeach #45, then we have no choice. The US no longer shares the values of California or the rest of the world.

  1. I want Calexit to happen more then I have wanted anything in my life. I know that we pay more to the Fed’s then we get back so Cal. can survive or even be better off when we leave the union. My only question is will CA. be abel to cover SS and Medicare, Sence in a senior this concerns me


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