7 Characters That Need To Leave Grey’s Anatomy Immediately

With Grey’s Anatomy in its thirteenth season, viewers have witnessed the best and worst of its characters. While there have been WAY too many people who have died or left Grey-Sloan Memorial that I wish were back, there are also some characters that I’m totally over. We get it – there have to be new storylines and characters introduced but some people are just too much. Here are 7 characters that need to leave Grey-Sloan for a while (or permanently):

  1. Jo Wilson
    I can’t truly think of a storyline where I’ve actually felt for Jo because to be truthful, most of her drama could all be avoided if she was actually honest. The whole insecurity with the attendings also got old because let’s be real – Alex is an attending, obviously they’re all his friends and she’s just generally unlikable.
  2. Nathan Riggs
    Do people not remember Hunt and Meredith’s conversation, “We don’t like Riggs?” Why does this still not apply? The whole Riggs/Mere storyline with “sexual tension” is also just not appealing at all and it makes me want to fast forward through each of their scenes.
  3. Amelia Shepherd
    I will be honest: for the most part – I do like Amelia and I will say that I love how far she’s come from when she was first introduced to us. I would definitely never want her to leave permanently (mostly because I need one Shepherd on my tv screen and her death would probably kill Hunt and Mere) but maybe a nice break would make me appreciate her a lot more.
  4. Stephanie Edwards
    As a loyal Japril fan, I’ll admit that my initial annoyance with her character was just because I felt she stood in the way of Jackson and April. Even so, there’s a reason Jo and Steph are best friends and she’s in with Amelia. She’s honestly just there… no storylines, no drama, no nothing – she just exists … and wastes valuable screen time.
  5. Catherine Avery
    Mama Avery in one word: overbearing. She’s too much and serves no purpose other than to complain, dictate, or stir up pointless drama that could all be avoided. There has never been a moment where Catherine Avery has been involved where there is no drama. Even when she held her only grandchild, she had to go and stir drama because the baby wasn’t named after her… Like, bye.
  6. Maggie Pierce
    As cliché as it sounds, the saying “blood doesn’t make you family” is sometimes accurate. I’m happy she found Meredith and Webber BUT Alex Karev and Meredith Grey have been family for thirteen seasons now… you just appeared. Also, I didn’t think there could be another character as self-obsessed or oblivious as Amelia until Maggie Pierce came in the picture.
  7. Andrew Deluca
    Can we remember the first time that Deluca was introduced and everyone thought he was an attending but he was actually an intern? That should have been the first cue that his character would be a train wreck. You know a character is a mess when I feel bad for Maggie – I mean, he asked to be exclusive and once she agreed, he ended up ghosting the girl. On top of that, there’s the issue of him being the reason Alex has so much drama right now (even though that could have been avoided if Jo was honest). There’s just nothing memorable about Deluca at all other than that smile.

Essentially, I would still watch the show if it was just Alex, Meredith, Webber, and Bailey dealing with patients with splashes of Jackson, April, Arizona, Hunt, and Ben thrown in once in a while. Despite my issues with the characters on the current season, it can’t be denied that Shonda Rhimes has a way of evoking strong emotions for all her shows’ characters. No matter my reservations or complaints, you can still catch me on Shonda Thursdays glued on ABC watching TGIT shows.

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