The TGIT Drinking Game You Need To Play To Survive Shonda Thursdays

THANK GOD IT’S THURSDAY! Shonda Thursdays is officially back tonight… well sort of. With Scandal taking an extended hiatus, only 2/3 of Shondaland TGIT returns tonight. However, this shouldn’t deter you from tuning in and spending your night perched in front of your television catching the season 13 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy and watch How To Get Away With Murder enter it’s 3rd season. Knowing Shonda Rhimes, the season premieres should get your heart pumping right from the start.

To recap your memories – Grey’s Anatomy left off with Owen and Amelia getting married, Jackson and April welcoming a beautiful baby girl, a look into the beginning(?) of a love triangle between Meredith, Maggie, and Riggs, Callie leaving with Sofia (with Arizona’s blessing!), and finally, a fight between Karev and Deluca that looks like will have dire consequences. In the land of HTGAWM, we saw Michaela and Asher hook up (again!), Oliver sabotaging Connor’s chance at Stanford law, Caleb’s (maybe?) dead body, Wes finding out who his father was and seeing said father get shot in front of him, and Frank leaving town (for good?).

Let’s be real – with the way that Shondaland episodes are written, a drink (or ten!) is needed for each show. In honor of Olivia Pope, grab a bottle of red wine for the night, sit back, and enjoy a drama-filled night. Tune into Grey’s Anatomy at 8 PM and How To Get Away With Murder at 10 PM and follow along with Unwritten’s unofficial TGIT drinking game. Take a sip if…

Grey’s Anatomy:

  • Someone hooks up in an on call room (chug if it’s Owen/Amelia OR Meredith/Riggs)
  • Meredith and Alex freak out, lie for one another, conspire, or defend each other
  • A long rant/speech or a warning is given (chug if it’s by Bailey)
  • Jackson and April get into a fight or they fight with Catherine
  • Someone says “push one of epi”
  • Jo cries… and cries… and cries
  • We see a flashback
  • Weber scares everyone or says something insightful
  • Arizona says she misses Sofia
  • Callie is mentioned
  • Maggie talks about how she likes Riggs
  • Stephanie… appears
  • Bonus Chug: a dance it out scene happens

How To Get Away With Murder:

  • Someone has sex (chug if it’s Asher & Michaela)
  • Connor and Oliver fight (bonus if it’s because Connor finds out about Oliver’s betrayal!)
  • Caleb lives (or dies)
  • Wes goes to Annalise for help and it ends up in a weirdly sexual tense moment
  • You see a dead body
  • If a flashback/flash forward happens
  • Someone breaks the law
  • Annalise teaches a class and asks a question
  • The Keating Five are all together and look guilty AF
  • Someone screams uncontrollably (bonus if it’s Annalise)
  • Bonus chug: someone says “murder”

This should leave with you a nice enough buzz for the night that you’ll be able to somewhat wrap your mind around what happened on each episode. At this point – nothing that Shonda does surprises me and I just know that every Thursday, I need to be prepared with a bottle of wine. If you end up with a hangover, at least tomorrow is Friday, and you can always start your weekend early. TGIT, bring on the heartbreaks.

Featured image via Taryn Elliott on Pexels


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