I Tried The Billie Razor And It Changed My Shaving Experience

I finally did it. I clicked on the Facebook ad that has been on my news feed for what feels like forever, and bought the Billie razor. You know, the one where they use models with a TON of hair and show them being able to shave it easily. 

Shaving has never really been my thing. I never wanted to start shaving, and I was  pretty much forced to start as an early teen. I do shave occasionally though. So when I finally decide to shave, my leg hair is usually long and I always struggle getting the razor through it. It just becomes a terrible patchy mess which makes me not want to shave even more.

I had hoped that the ads were true and wanted to believe this razor ro be the best, so I ordered the razor to attempt the removal of my terrible leg hair… and it actually worked. 

I ordered a razor and shaving cream. I was happy to realize that I finally found a razor that didn’t create a patchy mess of leg hair on me. I have been able to cleanly shave my legs once a month (the average amount of time I go between shaves) for about 3 months now. 

The best part? No razor burn. I no longer have the post-shaving little red bumps on my legs. Now, my legs are smooth as silk. 

The shaving cream smells great and leaves my skin actually moisturized unlike most other shaving gels and creams. This is great news for me because I am almost always in a time crunch and constantly forget to lotion my skin post-shaving.

Their starter kit comes with the razor, a shower magnet and 2 blades for only $9 (plus free shipping), making it super competitive in terms of pricing. It’s offered as a subscription service, which you can set based on how often you shave and how frequently you will need replacement blades (four replacement blades cost $9). 

Personally, the Billie razor has made shaving so much easier. I don’t see myself looking for other brands anytime soon! Finding a Facebook ad that delivered the quality it promised is priceless, and Billie has actually created branding that is fit for everyone. So if you ask me, it’s time to make the switch from your old razor.

Featured Image by cottonbro from Pexels


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