For The High Maintenance Girl: The Ultimate Guide To Looking Chill

I’ll admit, I grew up a spoiled, high-maintenance brat. Mani-pedis, getting my eyebrows done and my hair colored, spray tanning, shopping… whatever you’re thinking I do, that’s where you’re right. You’d think that because of my lifestyle, going to college would be my worst nightmare. That’s where you’re wrong. But I don’t think I’m too obvious about being high maintenance, so here are my tips for looking chill in college.

  1. Be the basic girl with leggings and a big t-shirt, or even better, a t-shirt and shorts.

Ah, this is the best college combo. To you, every day is a decision of what matchup is going to impress everyone today? Just wear leggings! This is your key to college, especially if your hair is done and you’re not wearing any makeup, no one has time to dress up and put pounds of makeup on their face every day, but if you do, I give you major props.

  1.  Natural-looking fake eyelashes go a long way.

This sounds like a trick statement, but the natural Ardell fake lashes are my holy grail. So are their double-ups, but save those for the weekend. You’re going to class or walking around campus, not going on a date. You don’t want your professor to call you out in the middle of class, saying that your eyelashes are longer than your future!

  1. Get an organic spray tan, not that “beach bum” trash.

If you want to go makeup-free and you don’t want to look like Casper The Ghost, get an organic spray tan. I cannot stress enough how researching other spray tan businesses in your area is a huge help. Don’t go all “beach bum” and turn yourself orange; just find someone who knows what they’re doing. Spray tan businesses are gradually popping up everywhere and some are even mobile, so you have plenty of options.

  1.  Let people assume

This is my best, but most general, piece of advice. If you’re high-maintenance, the smartest thing to do is to not react when people assume certain things about you.  Trust me, the greatest reaction is no reaction. Acting butt-hurt, like you have to prove yourself after gossip, is a no-go. You don’t really care. Heck, let them assume you’re pregnant because you sure as hell won’t have a bump in a month! That’s a little extreme, but you get the point.

5. Be mysterious. They don’t ask? You don’t tell.

I wish I learned this in middle school before I screamed out to all my friends that I got a DSI. Chat-rooms, camera, and all, I thought I was the shit.

Seriously, though, no one cares. Once you blurt something out about yourself to someone, they’ll probably just switch the topic to them because people love to talk about themselves and what they’re doing. They ’re like that mom that constantly posts on Facebook about how great her kids are. News flash, no one cares that your daughter looks cute playing her first intramural soccer game. I’m not saying that you should be shy — be the social butterfly that you are. Just don’t give your entire life story out to someone you’ve just met; sharing little details at a time is your ideal method.

  1. Don’t be clingy

No one likes clingy people. Whether you’re in a relationship or a friendship, these people are the worst. Stay in your own lane and know your limits. Natural friendships and relationships just click. You shouldn’t force a relationship when the other person’s clearly treating you like garbage. This is how I mostly see college girls’ cliques split up because there’s that one girl who can’t take the hint that enough is enough. College relationships like this are the most humorous. The stories I hear where the girl says the guy is “too clingy.” sounds exactly like my friend group! Learn to be independent, but also learn when people need their space.

High-maintenance girls get through life just fine, and I’m living proof. Don’t let people tell you can’t hide your high-maintenance attitude. Go shopping, get your mani-pedi, be late to class with your large iced coffee, and do it all with the guide I’ve given you. If I can do it, you can too.

Photo by GREG KANTRA on Unsplash


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