Learn To Slay: 10 Beauty Gurus You Should Follow Immediately

Since everybody loves watching YouTube videos, and a whole lot of people like to do their makeup, why not make a list of people you should watch! No matter your gender, your skin color or your background, makeup is universal and it has no judgments. So here’s a list of YouTuber’s you may want to take a look at:

1. Jackie Aina

Jackie does everything you want a beauty guru to do. She tries out new products, she reviews products, she does full glam as well as natural looks, and she has videos where she uses brands geared towards people with deeper skin tones.

2. Jaleesa Moses

My healthy glam tutorial is up now Kloveyoubye

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Jaleesa is one of the queens of hair tutorials. Whether it is how to get heatless waves or how to put in a U-Part wig, she will help you. Not only does she have killer hair tutorials but the makeup she wears in her tutorials looks really natural. Her tutorials are the ones you want to watch when you want that perfect “no makeup, makeup look”.

3. Laura Lee

This southern girl really knows her stuff. Laura has the cutest accent and has her own eye shadow palette with Violet Voss. She makes a bunch of different videos, including ones where she reviews products by testing them out to see if they are really worth the hype.

4. MakeupShayla

Shayla is simply gorgeous. With or without makeup she kills it. Her videos vary, with some being focused on a specific part of the face, others being full face tutorials, but they are always extremely helpful. She knows the perfect way to highlight and contour! She has her own contour palette made for deeper skin tones too!

5. Patrick Starrr

Makeup is a one size fits all ❤️⭐️

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This boy is going to serve you looks for days. He is by far one of the most creative and talented beauty gurus on the net. Patrick couldn’t care less about what people have to say about him and it comes across in his videos. He has mastered the full glam makeup look and his videos really show you an in-depth way to recreate them.

6. Samantha Ravndahl

This Canadian girl is so unique it’s wild. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous but she also gives so much detail in all her videos without being too serious. You watch her videos and learn so many neat tips and tricks without being bored. Whether her videos are 20 minutes or 3 minutes, they are all the same amazing quality.

7. Nazanin Kavari

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She’s young, she’s beautiful, and she’s a good time. She does lookbooks, tutorials, and has a good amount of information about her skin care routine. Considering her skin is amazing with and without makeup, her skin care is important to know about. Not only does she have a beauty channel but she also has a vlog channel, which lets you have a little inside look at her fun and exciting life.

8. Casey Holmes

NEW VIDEO went up late last night!! Another one is going up in 2 hours! ☺️ Direct link is in my bio ❤️

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She has over a million subscribers and for a good reason. Her videos never disappoint. She does so many things, including reviews, tutorials and hauls that are to die for. If you’re someone with rosacea, I highly recommend watching her, she finds the perfect products to cover the redness caused from it, she is so great at covering it you wouldn’t be able to tell she has rosacea in the first place!  

9. Michelle Phan

The colors are multidimensional and ethereal. @guy_tang did it again #oilslickhair #darkunicorn

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With her own makeup line and over eight million subscribers she is probably somebody any makeup lover has heard of. She has an extremely calming voice and her videos will help you with anything you need. Just scroll through all of them and I guarantee you will find something that speaks to you. Whether it is her makeup tutorials or her trend reports, there is something for everybody.

10. Aaliyah Jay

Loving my tanned skin this summer ☀️✨ Hair extensions: @thevanitybox. Installed by @kdujour

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Whether you watch her for her crazy story times or for her beautiful makeup tutorials, there’s always a reason to tune in. Aaliyah really pulls you in with her personality. She has some killer try-on hauls to watch and when you want to take a break from makeup and fashion, sit back and listen to a funny story, she won’t ever disappoint.

Hopefully you found this list helpful, if you’re into makeup and beauty then these people are truly inspiring. They really help you get all your creative juices flowing. So grab a drink, watch a few videos and when you feel like you’ve got a good hang of things, recreate any look your heart desires!

Feature Image via Laura Lee.


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