How This Pandemic Is Showing Us The True Beauty And Power Of Community

The vocabulary surrounding COVID-19 is depressive and anxiety-ridden. “Social distancing,” “self-isolation,” “quarantine,” and “death” – it all feels morbid and lonely. Yet, those words also made us selfish as we prioritized ourselves before helping others in our community. It was initially pretty depressing. 

But then the power of community involvement started to shine bright – all stemming from the powerful videos from Italy. We saw the streets filled with locals cooped up on their balconies singing together at night, playing music, and celebrating the positivity during such a dark time for their country. It was heartwarming to see such joy coming out of a horrific situation. Moreover, the community did something so simple as coming together to help brighten everyone’s moods while still being safe.

Since then communities from all over the world have been sharing ways that they’ve come together while staying apart to stay safe and sane.

In such videos, you can see neighbors contacting each other from across the street through windows. Some have created a color-coded system using paper to indicate if they’re great, at-risk or in desperate need of help. Others have posted phone numbers for their neighbors to call if they need anything from groceries to a comforting call. 

People are communicating now more than ever. From family FaceTime calls to balcony banter or even speaking to strangers while waiting in line to get into a store. When was the last time you can remember picking up a phone and calling someone? It’s nice to have new conversations, even if it is to kill your boredom. 

Social media has also been a huge savior for some people, just as much as delivering groceries to the elderly has been. The false mentality that life is perfect has disappeared and the pressure to live perfectly on Instagram is dwindling. Instead, people are using their platforms to offer assistance, spread positivity, offer an ear for anyone struggling and make people not feel as alone. 

Challenges have been created in order to help people in so many ways. From celebrities participating in the All In Challenge, creating clothing lines (like Canadian celebrities and the #ConquerCOVID19 campaign, or Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ wine collaboration) to donate proceeds to different charities, and other fun incentives. Regardless of what it is, we’re all making a difference. Plus, we also have some light-hearted fun challenges to do at home to help pass the time and make us laugh.

What’s more, many celebrities have created various live streams. Miley Cyrus has a daily talk show with various talking about life. Michael Buble and his wife have a hilarious daily show where each day has a theme. And Niall Horan has basically had an almost daily live concert for fans to swoon over him. And we’ve even had concerts with celebrities of all walks of life contributing to raise money for charities, raise awareness and entertain us. It’s an endless cycle of good!

We’re also sharing resources like never before. People are sharing information on grocery stores who have necessities like toilet paper or hand sanitizer. Posts on how to create your own masks at home are going viral, as are people selling them and donating them to our front line workers or loved ones.

Canadian nurses are even traveling to the US to help assist their patients – especially in Michigan – who are battling COVID-19. 

Despite the travel ban, their Prime Minister has allowed them to help others in any way possible. If only President Trump knew how to do the same and not cut off resources to other countries just to benefit his own. We don’t have time to be petty and selfish. This is the time to stand together. 

Much like President Trump, there are still selfish people performing dangerous and inhumane acts. But as each day passes, those cases are fewer and farther between. The kind side of humanity is starting to shine through despite the COVID-19 pandemic getting worse in some areas of the world. 

So don’t focus solely on that idiot who hoarded toilet paper. Or those people taking their sweet time on the phone while shopping – they could be buying for a lot of people. Instead, focus on the good that’s coming out of this. People are being kind, coming together and working as a team to combat this virus, even just by staying home alone. 

Photo by Tedward Quinn on Unsplash


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