The Ugly Side Of Makeup That Nobody Talks About

If there was one thing that society could not make its mind up on, it’s makeup. When it comes to makeup, people feel the need to state their opinions on everything. Makeup even managed to earn its own stereotypical phrases:

“Women don’t need makeup.”

“Makeup is only for females.”

“Women need makeup because it makes them more feminine.”

“Women who wear makeup need to go swimming on the first date.”

“Makeup on a guy makes them look gay.’”

These are just a few of the comments that people hear on a daily basis when they choose whether or not to wear makeup – comments from people who clearly think they are entitled to express an opinion on someone else’s face. These comments are not only hurtful, but can change how a person thinks of their self. Just because a person chooses to wear, or not wear makeup, does not change who they are as a person. They should still be treated as the person they were before they made the decision.

Makeup can be and is a good thing. It can improve/cover up scars, acne, sunspots, birthmarks and other blemishes that a person can be self-conscious about. It can improve confidence, which can radiate into other aspects of the person’s life. Confidence can show through a person’s work, home life and even in their relationships. Having confidence is one of the most attractive qualities a person could have.

On the flip side, makeup can also be a bad thing. It can cause acne which can leave scars and leave people (including yourself) with a false image of what you really look like. This can be harmful to your confidence and create a vicious cycle. People can feel guilty when they realize that some makeup products are tested on animals. While a lot of makeup companies stopped testing, there are a few companies that continue testing because of safety and quality standards.

Another concern with makeup is gender stereotypes. Only women are “allowed” to wear makeup, but makeup could be beneficial to both men and women. Men could also want to improve their confidence with makeup. Even subtle things could make a huge difference, such as covering up acne and scars – both of which women can do shamelessly. Wearing makeup could open a whole new world for men with eyebrow pencils and chapstick, but due to society’s standards they are not able to do these things because there is the potential that they could be harassed and constantly made fun of for being “gay.”  *Insert eye roll here*

One day in the future, the standards surrounding makeup in society will change in some way or another. Men will, hopefully, be able to wear makeup without harassment. Wearing makeup will be more of an honest choice, rather than a choice that society makes for us. Society tells us what to wear, and how to wear it. There are even tutorials on YouTube on how to do it the right way. If that decision is something other than what we are told, than it is deemed out of style and automatically ridiculed.

Wearing makeup does not harm anyone, so it is not something that should be judged or discussed. Confidence is the most important thing. What gives a person confidence should be no concern of yours. As long as a person feels confident in how they look, than whatever they are wearing should be okay; whether that be a full face of makeup or no makeup at all. The decision to wear makeup (or not wear makeup) is a personal decision that should be made by the person themselves. As long as a person is confident and happy, who are we to take that away from them. Do not make the decision on makeup based on what society says, base it on your personal preference.

Featured image via Adrienn on Pexels


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