6 Things You Need To Do On Your Mission To Love Yourself

Self-love is a popular term that comes up quite frequently in everyday conversations.

We are constantly being told that no one can love us until we learn to love ourselves. But, it’s not a simple task to take on when living in a society that thrives off reminding us of what we don’t look like, what we don’t have and who we aren’t.  Here are some ideas of how to conquer the enigma that is self-love, from me to you:

1. Find out who you are.
This step requires a lot of patience and conviction. It’s incredibly difficult to love something or someone who you do not understand. Be sure to take time out of your day, no matter how busy it may be, to self indulge in you. Take a walk, write in a journal, have a cup of tea. Whatever it may be, make sure you do it so it benefits you and no one else.

2. Travel.
I wholeheartedly believe that traveling puts life into perspective. It will open your eyes to parts of you that you didn’t even know existed. Traveling doesn’t necessarily mean buying a plane ticket to Bali, because realistically, not everyone can afford to do so. Take a road trip to the city next to yours or even the province/state over and put yourself outside of your comfort zone.

3. Set all the thoughts that gnaw at you before you fall asleep free.
The mistakes that you have made in the past and still hold onto tend to create a burden on your chest that prohibits you from moving forward and becoming a better you. Like Kanye West said, “you’re not perfect but you are also not your mistakes.”

4. Make a list of the things that make you happy.
Whether that list includes writing, singing to the radio whilst driving, fairy lights or drinking a glass of wine that you got on bargain for $4, write it down so that whenever you feel low, you can pick something from that list and use it as a pick me up.

5. Never, ever, underestimate how great you are.
While that may be easier said than done, it is said to be that most of our insecurities are normally self-inflicted. So whenever you feel a not-so-nice thought nagging at the back of your mind or get the urge to compare yourself to someone else, remember all the good you’ve done and how wonderful you are. There are flowers blooming inside you that you’ve grown and tended all by yourself.

6. Detox your life.
Get rid of anything that is toxic or that surrounds you with negative energy. If that’s a friend that consistently fills your head with negative thoughts or brings up your past mistakes, the premise is clear. Either you discuss the problem with them or, in some cases, if you already have, you remove them from your life. 

It’s extremely important to keep in mind that everyone practices self-love in different ways and what may be good for you, may not be good for another person. And also remember that self-love is not selfish, it’s something everyone deserves to experience. You only have one body for the rest of your life, why not be kind and gentle to it?

Featured image via Allef Vinicius on Unsplash



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