Why You’re Wasting Your Life Comparing Yourself To Others

They say that criticisms should be given in a way that helps people better themselves. It could be about our hairstyle, our choice of clothes, or even be about non-physical things. The point is, sometimes, others will judge us, but instead of letting every single judgment get us down, we should just accept it as a challenge to refine ourselves.

There will be moments that this advice will be welcomed , especially if the characteristics mentioned are actually in need of fixing. Changing a bad habit or behavior, for instance, is something that would, surely lead to our betterment. But, what about when the criticisms become too much and the observations people lay out in front of us turn to hateful words that weigh more than we can carry?

You should know that it’s okay to dismiss their comments and choose to ignore their criticism.

Each of us are designed in different ways. We differ in our complexion, facial features, height, weight, and other physical attributes . Sometimes, this leads to a tendency to compare ourselves to those we consider beautiful, overlooking the fact that by doing so we’re destroying our self-esteem. The truth is, the most damaging judgements are the ones that we do unto ourselves. Society has convinced us all that we have our own flaws and that they always need to be pointed out. The threat is the ideas that society has engrained into our minds.

I get it, we regard those we usually see on our T.V. screens as the ones ‘blessed’ with perfect looks . It’s acceptable to feel a little jealous of them, but I wish we wouldn’t let petty jealousy turn into something that ruins our self-image. Let’s not pollute our minds with the idea that the kind of beauty that others possess is the only beauty acceptable. We are, after all, created with distinct differences. Shouldn’t this tell us that beauty shouldn’t have a standard?

Comparisons will kill you. Maybe, not literally, but it will destroy your self-confidence and our understanding that we are good enough in our own little ways.

The notion that we are not to be considered ‘pretty’ or ‘handsome’ just because our hair doesn’t fall the way someone else’s does or our teeth are not like those of some movie star’s, is absolutely absurd. No matter how corny this may seem, I’m going to go ahead and say it, we are all beautiful in our own way, and believe me when I say, that it doesn’t always have to depend on our physical appearance.

I know we can’t put the practice of comparing ourselves to others to a complete halt. I just want urge everyone that in the midst of it all, don’t forget to look at yourself and find the most important trait of all – the ability to feel self-satisfaction.

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Pexels


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